How to Right-Click on a Mac or MacBook: A Complete Guide

Right-Click on a Mac or MacBook

How to Right-Click on a Mac or MacBook: A Complete Guide

The right-click or the secondary click is very useful when implementing it for regular copy-paste features or anything advanced. But, years ago, Apple came up with a one-button mouse, and it insisted on that one-button mouse instead of that with two buttons.

The latest MacBooks are compatible with any kind of mouse available in the market. Still, users are getting confused over how to right-click on a Mac or MacBook.

The issue is not regarding the mouse only. If any Windows user has switched to Mac recently, then that user might be struggling with right-clicking using the trackpad.

We know that the struggle is not overrated at all. Let’s see how you can ease your experience with right- or secondary click on your Mac or MacBook.

5 Simple Ways on How to Right-Click on a Mac or MacBook

Right-clicking on a Mac desktop computer or MacBook can be as simple as plugging a compatible mouse. Additionally, we have collected trackpad solutions to provide you with a seamless experience.

Here’s how you can right-click on an iMac or MacBook:

Connect a Mouse that Comes with a Right-Click Button

If your Mac computer or MacBook supports a wired or wireless mouse, you can use this solution. The mouse should have the right-click button, and MacBooks are now compatible with all the latest wired and wireless mice. You can choose a USB mouse or wireless mouse and connect it to your MacBook.

Once you connect the mouse to your MacBook, it will recognise the device. After that, you can check whether the right-click gesture is working or not. If you don’t feel comfortable with a mouse for your MacBook, then you can use the Apple Trackpad in the following manners to make a right-click.

Press and Hold Ctrl While Clicking

This trick is useful for both mouse and trackpad experience. If you are using that one-button mouse from Apple, then you can hold the Ctrl button when you click the button on your mouse. You have to similarly hold the Ctrl key while tapping the trackpad.

There are too many special keys on the keyboard of Mac devices. This trick should work fine if you are not bamboozling the Ctrl key with Cmd or Option (Alt) key.

Add Right-Click Feature to your Apple Trackpad

Fortunately, Apple provides the right-click functionality for the Apple Trackpad on your MacBook. You need to enable the feature, and then, you can easily right-click on your Mac or MacBook. You can connect the Magic Trackpad to your Mac desktop computers or other compatible Apple devices.

Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Move the cursor to the Apple icon and click on it.
  • It should expand into a pop-up menu. You have to click on System Preferences.
  • Choose the Trackpad option from the panel.
  • Go to the tab called Point & Click.
  • There should be a box next to the Secondary Click option. You need to check the box, and you’re set to right-click on your Mac device.

When you have activated the secondary click for the Apple Trackpad or Magic Trackpad, you must use two fingers simultaneously to implement a right-click. Apart from the two-finger click, you can set additional ways to right-click on your Mac device.

When you check the box, there are additional options besides the ‘Click with two fingers’ option. The right-click will be available at the bottom right or left corner of the trackpad, and you can enable that feature based on your preference.

Enable Right-Click for the Apple Magic Mouse

Like the Apple Trackpad or Magic Trackpad, you can activate the power of right-clicking on your Apple Magic Mouse. Here’s what you need to follow to enable the right-click on the selected Apple’s input device.

  • Start with the Apple icon that’s situated at the top-left corner of the Mac screen.
  • Go for System Preferences, and a System Preferences panel will appear on the screen.
  • Next, click the Mouse icon among all the options. Go to the Point & Click tab.
  • Now, you have to check the box besides the option called Secondary Click.

The default option for secondary Click is listed as a ‘Click on the right side’. If you want to alter the primary and secondary click, you can do that as well. Change the default option to the ‘Click on left side’ option for the dedicated secondary click on your Mac or MacBook.

How to Right-Click Using a Force Touch Trackpad

If your MacBook Air comes with a Force Touch Trackpad, then the right-click can be challenging. However, you need not worry about right-clicking on your MacBook when you are taking the help of this guide.

This special trackpad utilises haptic feedback that might confuse you with the functionality of the trackpad. You might get baffled and consider that you need to apply different pressure levels to make different clicks.

But, the Force Touch Trackpad is similar to any trackpad available for Apple Mac or MacBooks. A two-finger tap can achieve the right-click. Additionally, you can set the dedicated right-click settings to bottom-right or bottom-left corners.

Moreover, you can simply press and hold the touch on the Force Touch Trackpad to right-click on your MacBook.

Why are Right-Clicks Equally Relevant for Mac Devices?

Apple converted its two-button mouse into a one-button mouse, but it never compromised on the importance of right-clicks. The addition of right-clicks is really significant, and they are handy to explore contextual settings. Single-clicks or double-clicks might not explore many possibilities for Mac users.

Using right-clicks, you can access programs on Dock. So, use any of the above-mentioned solutions to enable right-click on MacBooks. If you face troubles regarding Mac or MacBooks, look for MacBook Repair Service Near Me.

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