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MacOS Ventura Stage Manager

MacOS Ventura Stage Manager Tricks You Must Try Out

Apple has released the first developer version of macOS Ventura in the line of Mac systems. It comes with a wide range of new features, and the Stage Manager is one such feature. The device can make i...

macOS 13 Ventura

macOS 13 Ventura: Release Date, Features, Compatible Mac, and More to Expect

Apple’s annual WWDC event has always been a moment of curiosity for all Apple fans and IT enthusiasts across the globe. One of Apple’s grand announcements this year is that the macOS will be transform...

apple m2

Apple’s M2-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in Apple Store for Preorders

Apple unveils the new MacBook Air with the M2 system-on-chip during the WWDC event. This won’t be the first laptop with this new advanced processor. The company will integrate the M2 chip on the lates...


Chrome vs Safari: Which One is Better for You in 2022?

Your web browser probably plays a very important role in your daily life. So, you might want the best browser available for your device. There are many options worth considering when you look for a su...

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air — Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know Before Buying

MacBook Air is the first-ever Apple laptop that has an advanced M1 system-on-chip. It can run faster than the latest Intel-powered PCs. This latest MacBook Air model can handle intensive workloads eas...

Should You Buy the New MacBook with the M2 Chip

Should You Buy the New MacBook with the M2 Chip?

The announcement of the M2 chip mostly stole the limelight of Apple’s annual WWDC event in 2022. Apple is about to bring an entirely new range of MacBook Air with an M2 chip. Along with that, th...

Xbox Controller Mac Driver USB

Xbox Controller Mac Driver USB — How to Proceed?

But, only the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller owners can play the video games on a MacBook. If you use Xbox X or an older version, roll back to macOS High Sierra to connect the devices. Additionally,...

AirDrop Not Working on Mac

AirDrop Not Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix it

AirDrop is an Apple initiative to make communication easier among Apple devices and innovations. Apple launched AirDrop in 2008 through Macs, and countless users use AirDrop to bridge the gap between ...

Upside Down Question Mark Mac

How to Type an Upside Down Question Mark Mac: A Fun FAQ

An upside-down question mark is mandatory for expressing queries in Spanish. Mac users might find the Spanish keyboard easily from the global keyboard sign. However, a handful of Mac users have report...

Check Thunderbolt Display Firmware Version on Mac

How to Check Thunderbolt Display Firmware Version on Mac?

Apple allows Mac users to connect their devices to Thunderbolt 1 and 2 devices. There is also a Thunderbolt 3 display port in the latest MacBook models. And, you can transfer a 1TB media file within a...

Transfer Video from DVD to Mac

How to Transfer Video from DVD to Mac? (Ultimate Guide)

You might want to copy a video file from a DVD to your Mac for various reasons. After all, DVDs may not last too long, and it is wise to copy their contents on your computer. You might need some help ...

macOS Password Box Appears and Won’t Open

macOS Password Box Appears and Won’t Open? Fix Mac Stuck on Login Screen

Mac devices are pretty strict about their users’ privacy and security. Every macOS version comes loaded with tons of security features. However, there are chances to stumble against bugs too. For exam...

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