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In Which Country MacBook is Cheapest & What Factors Determine the Price?

In Which Country MacBook is Cheapest & What Factors Determine the Price?

in which country MacBook is cheapest

In Which Country MacBook is Cheapest & What Factors Determine the Price?

You might know that Apple offers high-end products like MacBooks at a fixed price. However, the Mac laptops’ price might vary depending on where you purchase the devices. For instance, MacBooks are 20-25% cheaper in the US than in other countries in Asia. 

So, in which country MacBook is cheapest? The countries with low tax rates offer Mac laptops at a low price. Gone are the days when people travelled to the United States to buy Apple products at a minimal price. 

You can now purchase MacBooks from Europe, Asia and Australia at a reasonable price. Save up to INR 40,000 by knowing the cheapest country to buy the latest M2-powered MacBook. 

We have compiled the MacBook’s prices in different countries and chosen the one that offers the product at the best deal:

Factors that Determine the MacBook’s Price in Different Countries:

Before mentioning the countries where Macbook is the cheapest, you must know what causes the price change. Here are the reasons why an Intel and Apple Silicon-based MacBooks cost varies from one country to another:

Exchange Rates

The country’s exchange rate determines the Mac laptop’s price. It’s important to mention that the exchange rate does not remain static in all countries. An Apple product’s price increases when the exchange rate changes. 

You might travel to a country thinking you will find the MacBook at a great price. But what if the country’s exchange rate changes? You must purchase the Apple product at a higher price than what’s available in your country.

We would recommend not buying a MacBook from a country where the cost difference is only a few bucks. Your country’s exchange rate might also change when you’re heading to a new country. You will get the Mac laptop for the same price if such a thing happens.


Understanding how Apple charges taxes for its products can take time and effort. Moreover, some countries include a tax on Apple products like MacBooks, but some don’t. If you live in India, consider checking your state and local taxes when buying MacBooks overseas. 

Do you live close to a state’s border? The tax rate will be lower on Apple devices. If you’re wondering which country MacBook is the cheapest, calculate the tax for each before the purchase. Consider choosing a country that has a low tax rate to buy a MacBook at a lower price.

For instance, you will notice 税別 if tax is included in the MacBook price on Japan’s Apple site. However, Apple will display 税込 if tax is included in the MacBook cost. 

Moreover, you must know that countries like Japan and Australia offer tax refunds on high-priced items like MacBooks. You will receive an average of INR 41,000- INR 45,000 tax refund for purchasing a MacBook from these countries.

Does the Apple Products’ Tax Refund Policy Work Similarly in All Countries?

The tax refund policy on Apple devices like MacBooks works differently in different countries. Thus, don’t assume you will get INR 41,000-INR 45,000 for a MacBook purchase in every country. 

The restrictions on tax refunds also vary from one country to another. For instance, you must take the MacBook out of the country within 60 days of purchase. However, travelling to another country only to get a tax refund can be a problem for remote workers.

Besides, claiming your tax refunds on MacBooks at the departure time from a busy airport can be hectic. You can only claim the product’s tax refund if you have enough time to stand in the queue. MacBook owners also fill out the tax refund form to get back the money.

Product Warranty

Most people think Apple’s 1-year limited warranty or AppleCare+ program is only available in foreign countries. However, this is a misconception that many individuals believe. 

Some people claimed that Apple stores refused to fix the broken MacBooks as they could not charge in a foreign currency. Others claimed that Apple stores repaired their Mac laptops in foreign countries without causing any trouble. 

Now, the real question is – when does Apple restrict the product’s warranty service? The company restricts the warranty service to the countries where it sells the MacBook. Do you live in a country where Apple’s authorised distributors sell Mac laptops? The warranty service won’t be applied to the MacBook you purchase.

Countries to Buy Macbooks at the Lowest Price

When buying them from a foreign country, you can save a significant amount of money on expensive Apple products like MacBook. For instance, you can buy brand-new AirPods if you save 10% on a MacBook. 

Here is the list in which country MacBook is cheapest:

United States

You will find the best deals on the latest gadgets in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Apple has 269 stores in the United States selling Mac laptops for $1,999, Rupees 82,632.69 in Indian currency. Taxes are excluded from the MacBook price in this country.

Moreover, you can avoid paying state and local taxes in 4 states in the U.S. – Montana, Delaware, Oregon and New Hampshire. However, it’s worth mentioning that these states don’t have any major international airports, so paying sales tax is easier.

You must pay an average of 8% sales tax for the MacBook purchased in California or Texas. Getting a tax refund for buying a new Mac laptop will also be hectic in the U.S. It might take months to receive the tax refund if you are an immigrant in the U.S. 


Did you travel to Australia for business, and your MacBook stopped working? You can purchase a new MacBook for only $1394, which is 1,15,095.40 Indian Rupees. Save up to INR 15,000-INR 20,000 by purchasing the product from this country. 

Besides, you will receive a tax refund after the new MacBook purchase in Australia. Certain eligibility criteria are there to qualify for a tax refund. Hence, you must first check if you are eligible for the Apple product’s tax refund. You can’t claim a refund if you have bought the MacBook 50 days before leaving the country. 


Japan is another country where you can buy the latest M2-based MacBook Pro at an affordable price. A 13-inch MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage space is available for ¥159,800, INR 93,803.01. You can save INR 3,632-INR 16,843 if you manage to get a tax refund on this Apple product.

However, the criteria to qualify for a tax refund varies from one country to another. Hence, you must check the eligibility criteria to claim a refund on MacBooks in Japan. For instance, purchases over ¥5000 or more qualify for a tax refund. So, you can claim the MacBook’s tax refund in this country. 


You must have heard about Deutschland, right? It is situated in Germany and has 10+ Apple stores. You can purchase a new MacBook Pro in Munich or Frankfurt at only 2,199 euros, equivalent to INR 1,94,823.07. How much will you receive as a refundable VAT? Buyers will receive 362 euros as a refundable VAT in Germany.

However, you can’t claim a tax refund as an EU resident. Non-Europeans will qualify for a tax refund on their new Mac product purchase. The most convenient way to get a refund for your laptop is at the airport. You must know the procedures to receive a tax refund from an airport in Germany.


Travelling to Singapore is more cost-efficient than travelling to Hong Kong if you live in Southeast Asia. This country charges a low tax rate for high-priced Apple products like MacBooks. So, you can purchase the product at a reasonable price in Singapore. 

You won’t see an Apple Store in this country, but you can still purchase a MacBook from Apple’s website. The new MacBook with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD costs only S$1286, INR 106179, including GST. 

You can claim S$183 if you buy the MacBook 60 days before leaving the country. However, the tax refund amount might vary from one MacBook model to another.

What Are Other Countries Where MacBooks Are Available at the Lowest Price?

You can buy an old MacBook for 1,607 Lira if you travel to Turkey from India. The country offers a 4% tax refund on new Apple product purchases. However, potential buyers must pay 31,235 Lira to purchase an M2-powered MacBook Pro.

Hong Kong is another country where you can purchase new MacBooks at the lowest price. The top-of-the-line Mac laptops cost HK$15,288 in this country. No sales tax is included in the Apple products in Hong Kong. So, you can’t claim a tax refund on your new MacBook purchases in this country.

Which Countries Should You Avoid When Buying a MacBook?

Potential buyers must avoid America when buying the highest-priced Apple devices like the MacBook. Finding a replacement for the Mac laptop can also be hectic in this country. Besides, Brazil is an expensive country to purchase a MacBook from.

You can’t exchange new products easily in Brazil because of the import tax restrictions. Contact MacBook Repair India to know which country is the best to buy an Apple laptop at the cheapest price. 

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