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General Questions

How much does MacBook Air Repair cost in India?

MacBook Repair India provides affordable deals for Macbook Air Repair services. Whether you are having trouble with the latest MacBook M1 or the MacBook Air from 2012, we have the perfect solution for your device.

Get reasonable MacBook Air Repair services from us, whether it be a screen crack, motherboard repair, overheating issues, or software incompatibility. To know the exact cost, contact our professionals for an overall estimate.

How much does it cost to repair MacBook Pro in India?

MacBook Pro is the ultimate productive machine, and if you are suffering from any technical glitches, we are here to help you. Our MacBook repair service center can fix battery issues, unexpected shutting down, connectivity problems, dark display, burnt DC jack, unresponsive keyboard, and much more.

Get in touch with our experts along with your technical requirements to get an appropriate estimate for the repair cost of your MacBook Pro.

Are MacBooks expensive to Repair?

MacBooks are undoubtedly one of the most expensive gadgets in the world. It is nothing less than a challenge to repair them with the right technology and compatible spare parts. MacBook Repair India is ready to take the challenge. Additionally, we keep our MacBook repair service center costs reasonable to meet every customer’s budget.

Is water damage covered by MacBook?

Apple doesn’t support the liquid damage recovery plan through warranty policy. Whether you have purchased the MacBook recently or have the AppleCare Protection Plan, nothing will work to secure a water damage cover from Apple.

Instead, you can contact MacBook Repair India to recover your device from liquid damage. Our MacBook repair service center technicians have revived countless MacBooks from liquid damage, and we bet that you won’t regret it. Therefore, reach us and grab the MacBook water damage protection from us.

Can MacBook battery be replaced?

Yes, of course. If you think that your MacBook’s battery efficiency is not like before, you might opt for a battery replacement. However, other circumstances need to be verified by MacBook repair experts.

On the other hand, MacBooks come with both removable and non-removable batteries. Replacing an internal battery is a challenge. Therefore, connect to MacBook Repair India and get superior battery replacement services for any MacBook.

What modes of payment do you accept?

You need not worry about payment modes once you have trusted MacBook Repair India. You have to pay only if our experts fix your MacBook. Your satisfaction is our key to success. You can pay us through cash, debit or credit card.

We accept every payment merchant. Contact our professionals at the MacBook repair service center and get amazing discounts.

What is the replacement policy for MacBook’s genuine parts?

MacBook Repair India proudly serves you with authentic spare parts for MacBook repair and replacement services. Our MacBook Repair service centers facilitate MacBook repair services only with high-quality and genuine MacBook parts.

Additionally, we provide a 30 to 90 days warranty on post-repair services according to the repair instances. If anything goes wrong within that timeline, you can get free of cost service from us.

How is my data protected while the MacBook is repairing?

MacBook Repair India is the best and safest place for your MacBook to get repaired. We are entirely aware of your concern about your stored data on MacBook.

Everything stored on your MacBook remains confidential. Even our MacBook repair service center professionals don’t have the right to sneak into them. In addition to this, we take preventive measures so that nothing can wipe out data from your MacBooks. Call us and share your MacBook concerns with us today.

Will I have to share the password of my MacBook for repair?

MacBooks are strict when it comes to access and passwords. Without the right password, our professionals can’t fix your MacBook, especially when they have to access software, Settings, etc.

Therefore, you need to share the password of the MacBook for a seamless repair process. We won’t interfere with your data stored on the MacBook. In addition, every preference will remain the same unless your MacBook requires a reset. For more information, talk to our MacBook repair service center experts.

How long does a MacBook last?

According to users, MacBooks generally last 5 to 8 years. However, situations might vary from one user to another. Our engineers have come across decade-old MacBooks that are completely fine to date, and the credit goes to time-to-time MacBook repair services.

Grab premium MacBook repair and maintenance services from MacBook Repair India. Thus, you can add some extra years to the longevity of your MacBook.

Does Apple replace MacBook screens for free?

Apple offers AppleCare+, an initiative to deliver quality services to users and devices under warranty. However, it comes with several terms and conditions. Therefore, it’s not guaranteed whether you can get a MacBook screen replacement free from Apple.

But, what’s confirmed is an affordable MacBook screen replacement from MacBook Repair India. Call us and instantly get a proficient, genuine MacBook repair service center.

Can I buy applecare after damage?

AppleCare is eligible for purchase within the first 60 days of buying your Apple product. The rule is the same, whether it’s a MacBook, iPhone, or any other Apple product. You can go through the AppleCare+ rules and conditions for a more detailed concept.

However, AppleCare+ comes with an extra warranty year for MacBooks. If you haven’t purchased an AppleCare subscription, and it’s been more than 60 days, then don’t be upset. MacBook Repair India brings you the opportunity to treat your MacBook in the best way possible. Call us and hire exceptional MacBook repair service center expertise at your service.

What does the 2 year Apple warranty cover?

With AppleCare+, you can get 3 years of Apple warranty policy. Users are promised to get priority access to support chats, global repair advantages, carry-in repairs, and on-site services.

Additionally, the warranty covers the Mac device, its battery, associated accessories, Apple memory, and USB SuperDrive. Users can avail up to two accidental damages for a year. Moreover, there is software support for Photos, GarageBand, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, etc.

But, AppleCare can impose terms and conditions on emergency conditions. That’s why you should get in touch with our MacBook repair service center’s effective and non-confusing services.

How do I claim Apple warranty in India?

Obtaining an Apple warranty in India is the same as in other countries. You need to contact the AppleCare executives and show your eligibility. Go to the support website of Apple and check out the service and warranty details there.

Additionally, you have to verify whether your Mac computer can get service within the Apple warranty. Fortunately, MacBook Repair India doesn’t practise such complicated policies. We offer you a clean, skilled, verified, and professional MacBook repair service without a single question asked.

How long is Macbook Air warranty?

MacBook Air comes with a one-year warranty period for hardware damage repair. Additionally, there is 90-day technical support for damage repair instances. And, you can buy AppleCare+ if you want to extend the warranty period.

But, they come with discrete conditions and complications. To avoid them, you can reach MacBook Repair India and experience no boundary for the MacBook repair service center.

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