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9 Reasons Why MacBook is Better than Windows PCs

9 Reasons Why MacBook is Better than Windows PCs

Why MacBook is Better than Windows PCs

9 Reasons Why MacBook is Better than Windows PCs

MacBooks have proved their worth as the most powerful and versatile notebooks so far. Apple made them sturdy, added great aesthetics, and installed user-friendly operating systems for ease of use. However, you might be thinking about why MacBook is better than Windows laptops though they offer the same features, builds, durability, and ease of purchase. 

As of February 2023, macOS individually holds 29.62% of the desktop operating system market. Additionally, Apple has witnessed a 60% increase in the market share in the period of 2019-2022, whereas the entire PC market encountered a growth of only 6%.

Now, you can easily understand that MacBooks have some sparks. That’s why a lot of users are switching from Windows PCs to high-end MacBooks. Let’s check out why MacBooks are a better choice compared to a Windows laptop before you commit to Mac.

Why MacBook is Better than Windows Notebooks?

Top companies have replaced their Windows workspace with a MacBook one for obvious reasons. The escalating productivity in leading enterprises’ performance graph is proof of why MacBook is better than Windows devices.

Additionally, MacBooks have helped them in longevity, stability, and usability areas. If you have planned a transition from a Windows PC to a MacBook, then you should be aware of what Mac computers have to offer. Let’s find out the perks of purchasing a Macbook in 2023:

1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

At first glance, it might seem impossible to believe that MacBooks offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Let’s elaborate on it a little. Apple offers the finest-grade hardware parts, and that’s why the price tag is on the expensive side.

However, any high-end Windows laptop can hardly match the quality that Apple serves with its MacBooks. Apple MacBooks tend to last longer compared to any Windows PC. Additionally, they can tolerate heavier or more resource-consuming tasks than average Windows laptops.

If you are looking for a lower Total Cost of Ownership and a promising lifespan, then MacBooks are the best choice.

2. Introduces You to the Apple Ecosystem

The enchanted Apple Ecosystem might be the answer to why MacBook is better than other laptops. The Apple Ecosystem comprises the software and hardware that Apple designs and executes. For example, the following products and services belong to the Apple Ecosystem:

  • MacBook
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • iCloud
  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV

There are more, but what’s the advantage of joining the Apple Ecosystem? The best part is how integrated all these products and services work and sync with each other under the Apple Ecosystem. For instance, you can initiate work on your MacBook and then grab your iPhone to complete that task.

You need not count on only a single Apple device to accomplish the task. Apple lets users seamlessly roam among Apple devices, and there’s no obstacle. Other laptop manufacturers tried implementing such ecosystems, but we haven’t still got a smooth interface like what Apple gifted us.

Hence, MacBook is a big yes if you already own different Apple products.

3. Unmatchable User Experience

Are Macbooks better than Windows? Well, MacBook’s user experience speaks for itself. Mac offers a compact and well-managed layout of its system preferences. In addition, users can access network, display, and audio settings easily on a MacBook.

Modifying audio input/output devices, ejecting or inserting drives, etc., have never been an issue with a Mac computer. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacBooks use the same Synaptics technology for trackpads. Still, MacBook’s trackpad stands out because of the driver software’s reliability.

On the other hand, Macbooks offer Spotlight, Dock, and more specialisation options to keep your computing experience free from clutter. The visual consistency and ease of maintenance answer why MacBook is better than Windows PCs.

4. Apple Handles Hardware & Software Manufacturing on its own

It’s not a secret anymore that Apple moved on from collaborating with Intel for MacBook’s processor. Now, Apple is responsible for all the hardware production, software management, and everything in between.

This results in better-end products for Apple consumers. Apple strictly maintains everything from the supply chain, design, and marketing, to retail. Additionally, Apple has mentioned its reliable sources in its filings. That’s how Apple became one of the trusted and one of its own leaders in the market.

MacBook’s performance tells how Apple’s control over everything benefits the device’s performance. According to a Geekbench analysis, the 13-inch Macbook Pro M1 scored 7454 on multi-core and 1725 on single-core performance. 

These figures are far better than Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and other leading Windows PCs. That’s why Mac is better than Windows for developers.

5. Miscellaneous Features

What are the basic perks of owning an Apple MacBook compared to a Windows laptop? You would expect satisfactory video, audio, and typing performances like any other notebook. Well, MacBooks offer more than just an ordinary and comfortable computing experience. For example:

  • MacBooks have the Retina Display technology, providing a higher pixel density than most Windows PC screens. Get sharper and clearer picture quality with any MacBook purchase. Whereas only a few selected Windows laptops offer similar display features.
  • In addition, MacBook Pro models come with a high-fidelity 6-speaker sound system. Also, they have 2 tweeters and 2 pairs of dual force-cancelling woofers. So you can enjoy a robust audio experience from MacBooks. Most MacBook speakers are way ahead of the audio game if you compare them with Windows laptops.
  • Most MacBooks appear with scissor-switch keys. They make typing hassle-free. As a MacBook user, you can experience smooth key travel and spacing. If you want to ditch the fussy keyboard experience with Windows PCs, then a MacBook is a premium option.

6. macOS and Supported Applications

Apart from superior hardware, you might look for aspects to validate why MacBook is better than Windows notebooks. macOS is a spectacular and powerful UNIX-based operating system which is another selling point for Apple MacBooks.

This operating system hasn’t changed much in the last few years, but we can still vouch for it. macOS offers user-friendly accesses and updates to work on the respective workspace. Users have reported that they find macOS more comfortable and easier to use than Windows.

macOS also offers integrated applications that can work with all your Apple devices. Be it for personal use or enterprise requirements, and you can get Mail, Keynote, Numbers, Calendar, and more applications.

In short, MacBooks are available with pre-loaded applications. Additionally, you can install macOS-compatible apps if you require more. Navigate to the App Store on your MacBook to get high-quality and secure apps for your workspace, academics, entertainment, and so on.

7. Top-Notch Security

You have hardly ever heard of Mac exploits due to security threats. Apple takes users’ security very strictly, and that’s why MacBook is better than Windows laptops. Mac and all other Apple users can only download apps from the App Store.

Every app inside the App Store is sandboxed. If any app carries malware, it won’t impact the file system because of sandboxing. Thus, you can expect a safer environment with Apple MacBooks.

You can also enhance a MacBok’s security layer by installing worthy anti-virus software.

8. Resale Value

MacBooks are known for their value retention and durability. Windows laptops last a few years, and you will hardly get an impressive resale value in the second-hand market. Whereas MacBooks will fetch you a handsome retention value even after years and years of use.

MacBook is a clear winner in the MacBook vs Windows laptop longevity test. Apple keeps supporting older MacBooks with continuous software updates. Therefore, MacBooks are immune to online threats and keep receiving the latest features and tune-ins.

The stunning longevity of MacBooks is the key to their high resale value. For instance, a 3-year-old MacBook will return 50% of its original value to its user. What if it’s a Windows laptop? You will get 30% of its original value back by reselling a 3-year-old Windows laptop.

9. Easy to Decide

Selecting a laptop has never been easier with Apple’s strategic marketing. Apple manufactures 2 types of MacBooks: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Every MacBook targets different markets. MacBook Air should be your choice if you want lighter and less processing power.

Otherwise, you can opt for MacBook Pro if you prioritise heavy processing and computation power. Thus, you have 2 clear options with Macs. On the other hand, too many brands rely on the Windows operating system, such as HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc. They offer countless varieties, and they can drive you crazy.

On a contrary note, purchasing a MacBook from Apple’s retail locations is easy. They are worldwide and have knowledgeable and helpful staff to help you purchase. Purchasing a Windows laptop might be messy as they are scattered here and there. Additionally, it’s hard to locate authorised and genuine dealers for Windows laptops.

This is why MacBook is better than Windows laptops overall.

Does a MacBook Suit Everyone?

The answer is no. MacBooks are a delightful and expensive investment, but they might only be for some. For example, Apple hasn’t designed them for gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, the price tag of an average MacBook is hefty, especially for students and first-time laptop buyers.

If you are stuck on a MacBook problem, contact Macbook Repair India for immediate help. Their technicians help you get the pending macOS updates, sync your Apple devices, and more. Book a service to address any hardware or software problem of your MacBook.

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