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How to Get a MacBook for Free: The Ultimate Guide 2024

How to Get a MacBook for Free: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Get a MacBook for Free

How to Get a MacBook for Free: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Do you want to buy a MacBook but don’t have enough money? You can get it for free from Apple Giveaways and via Trade-in programs. Additionally, college students can purchase a new MacBook Pro through a sponsorship. These are the most legitimate ways to get an Apple laptop without paying.

If you’re looking for an answer to how to get a MacBook for free, let us clarify a few things. You might find many websites that offer Mac laptops without a subscription fee or price. 

Don’t click on links or pop-up ads on these sites because most are illegitimate and contain harmful viruses or malware. Hence, you must look for a reliable source to buy a MacBook for free.

You must check the features of the Mac laptop before purchasing it. Currently, two MacBook models are available in the market – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Choose the one that can handle your intensive workload and run your required apps. Don’t forget to check its connectivity options, screen size and battery longevity before making the ultimate decision.

Let’s see the legitimate ways to get a Mac laptop for free in detail:

1. Participate in Apple’s Trade-in Program

You must have heard about this new Apple scheme, right? Apple Trade-In makes exchanging any eligible or old MacBook easier for a new one. However, the Mac laptop should be in good condition. Apple won’t exchange the MacBook if it has any structural damage or loose parts. 

You must check if your Mac laptop is eligible for the Apple Trade-In scheme. Open a reliable web browser and write “apple.com/shop/trade-in” in the address bar. Press the Enter button and check the value of your MacBook based on its condition.

Add your device’s year of purchase and configuration to avail the Apple Trade-In service. Apple will show you the currency value of the MacBook, and you will receive a credit after exchanging it. You can buy a brand-new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with it.

Remember that not all Mac devices are eligible for the Apple Trade-In program. Credit value will be only applied to the qualified devices. Before accessing this Apple site, you must check the MacBook Pro or Air’s serial number. Otherwise,  Apple might display the incorrect credit value for your product. 

2. Take Part in MacBook Giveaways and Contests

Many legitimate websites and authorised companies offer free MacBook giveaways. You can look for those sites or agencies and participate in these giveaways to get a MacBook for free. But, check if the site contains any malicious ads before purchasing the Mac laptop.

Do you want to know which sites/companies provide MacBook giveaways or arrange contests? Open a browser, and write “MacBook giveaways 2023” in the search panel. You will see the list of the sites or companies offering a new Mac laptop for free. 

Once you get a reliable site or company, learn about the requirements to participate in giveaways or contests. Some companies ask for only your email address and name to claim a free MacBook. However, some sites might ask for more details, like contact information, to participate in the contest.

The chances of winning a free MacBook through the contests depend on the number of people participating. If you are the only applicant, there is a high chance of getting your favourite Mac laptop. 

Does Apple offer MacBook Giveaways or Arrange Contests?

Most people access Apple’s website to claim a free MacBook. However, the company doesn’t provide any promotional giveaways or contests. Hence, you must look for an online site to get an Intel-powered or Apple silicon-powered MacBook. You must be careful with phishing scams while searching for companies or online giveaway sites. 

3. Promote the Apple Product

Are you a professional product reviewer or tester? You have the chance to get a MacBook for free. Simply, use the laptop, and check its features, battery longevity and performance. 

Write positive and honest feedback about the MacBook to boost its publicity. If you do so, the company will send you the product free of charge. Moreover, you can keep the MacBook if your reviews help Apple increase its product sales.

You might now be wondering how to get a MacBook for free by becoming a reviewer or product tester. Visit the AppleSeed site and sign up with your Apple ID to join the AppleSeed program. Apple will send you an invitation or further instructions on how to test the product or submit feedback. 

4. Participate in Apple Scholarship Programs

Apple offers tuition grants and free products like Mac laptops and even iPhones to the best high school seniors. Thus, if you are a school student and need a MacBook to do the assignment, participate in this program.

However, the Apple Scholars program is available only for graduate and postgraduate students for their future academics. But, now the question is – How can you apply for this scholarship program? Open Safari and write “Apple Scholars” in the search bar. 

Access Apple’s education/higher education site, scroll down to choose “ Education” and select your region. You must demonstrate innovative ways of using technology in your academics to receive a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. 

5. Get a free Mac laptop through a Sponsorship

Many people are unaware that Apple doesn’t offer any sponsorship. But, you can get a free MacBook if you tell the company the exposures or benefits of providing a sponsorship. You must contact them to ask whether you can get a MacBook at zero cost via a sponsorship. If it’s impossible, you must look for alternative ways to get an Apple laptop for free.

6. Contact a Donor

There are non-profit organisations that collect electronic gadgets, including laptops and phones. They distribute these products to people with low monthly incomes who can’t afford a laptop. If you need a MacBook, look for such companies and contact them to inquire if they have a MacBook for you. 

7. Make Use of the Online Social Media Channels

You can get the new M2-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro for free if you are a successful social media influencer. Apple offers free products or paid collaborations to popular social figures with millions of followers. So, don’t hesitate to contact the company if you have a huge follower base.

8. Get a Free MacBook from Service Providers

Do you know several service providers offer a MacBook at no cost or subscription? You must search for those phone companies, network operators or retailers that provide existing deals to first-time customers to use their services.

These service deals include free laptops, tablets, computers and smartphones. However, these deals come with a limited 20-25 days period, and you can’t get a free MacBook once the ongoing deal expires. So, you must grab the deal as soon as possible to purchase the Mac laptop without paying any cost.

9. Join Apple’s Affiliate Programs 

It is another easy way to get a MacBook for free. If you have an online site with 200+ visitors interested in Apple products, you can claim it at zero cost. 

Become Apple’s affiliate partner or join with other companies that deal with Apple devices like MacBooks. The company will help you to get a free Mac laptop once you join their affiliate program. 

But, you must check whether the company charges additional costs to join the program. If yes, the company might be illegitimate, and you should avoid contacting them further.

Does the Government Offer a Mac Laptop for Free to College or School Students?

The Government currently doesn’t offer free McBooks to college or school students for academic purposes. However, the Federal Government earlier gave discounts on internet services and Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices like laptops.

Some countries offer free tablets and entry-level or mid-range laptops to students who can’t afford them due to financial constraints. But, you can’t claim a MacBook for free or get discounts on iPads from the Government. 

How to Avoid Phishing Scams when Buying a Free MacBook from Online Sources?

You might find many fake companies claiming to offer free MacBooks for you. Stop accessing those companies’ sites or sharing any confidential details with them. Otherwise, it can lead to data breaches. 

Ensure to read all the details about the company before getting the free MacBook. You shouldn’t buy a laptop from a company that doesn’t disclose any relevant information about the offer. 

Don’t believe every testimonial you see on online sites. Sometimes, these customer-generated statements can be false. It would be best if you scanned the website with next-generation antivirus software. You can see whether the site is malicious or safe to use in this process.

Moreover, you should refrain from paying any registration fees to even any Apple-partnered websites. If the company asks for credit or debit card details, close its site immediately. Clear the browser history and cache from your device. Enabling Windows Firewall will also help you to avoid phishing scams. 

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