How to Fix MacBook Charging Issue?

Fix MacBook Charging Issue

How to Fix MacBook Charging Issue?

Your Macbook’s failure to charge might indicate various issues with the device. And, you need to address all of them to get an effective solution. Usually, you can fix the charging issue on your laptop all by yourself.

But, in case of a hardware issue, you might need professional help for a solution. However, you might want to try out expert-recommended solutions before taking your Macbook for repair.

There are many possible ways to fix Macbook charging issue effectively. You have come to the right place if you do not know those solutions.

We have listed simple methods to fix Macbook charging problems in various situations.

7 Methods to Fix Macbook Charging Issue

There could be a problem with the charger if your Macbook is not charging. Apart from that, it might also have something to do with the power supply. You need not apply any fixes to the device in such cases.

But, the problem often lies inside the device itself. Depending on the cause of the issue, the following steps can offer you an effective solution: 

Restart Your Laptop

Your Macbook might fail to charge due to a sudden and temporary error in the process. These errors might often occur due to overheating on your device. And, performing a restart can fix the error and cool down your device.

Do you find your Macbook overheating? If yes, turn it off for some time instead of simply restarting it. You can perform a restart and try to charge the device again if there is no overheating.

Can your Macbook charge now? If it still cannot, you must make sure the charger is not at fault. 

Use a Different Charger or Power Source

Your Macbook’s charger might develop faults under various circumstances. And, you would need a new charger to charge your device in such cases. But, you must make sure whether the issue lies with the charger first.

Borrow a charger if possible and connect it to your Macbook. Also, you must connect it to a different power source than the one you were using. Does that fix the Macbook charging problems? If yes, then you must proceed with getting a new charger.

Replace the USB Cable

As you know, the USB cable is a crucial component for charging your Macbook. And, like all cables, it might get damaged for various reasons. So, you must consider that as a possible cause of your Macbook not charging. Many people have been able to fix the problem by simply using a different USB cable.

Make sure to get the right USB cable for your Macbook charger.  Also, you must try to use one made by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it might cause compatibility issues and can do nothing to fix it. 

Check the Battery Health

Like all other Macbook components, the battery is vulnerable to various issues as well. And, that might explain the Macbook charging problems in your case. So, you must consider bad battery health as a possible cause.

Click on the Apple icon and navigate to the System Information window. Expand the Hardware section and open the Power section. Check the information next to Condition under Battery Information.

Do you see any status other than ‘Normal’? If yes, then you must reach out to a battery repair service. You might need to get a battery replaced to get a long-lasting solution. And, you need not necessarily buy a new Macbook battery from the manufacturer. 

Clean the Port and the Charger Connector

Macbook charging issues might also indicate a dirty port of the charger connector. In such cases, you only need to clean them up for an effective solution. Dirt and dust can cause connection problems between the charger connector and the device. So, cleaning it regularly will help you avoid further Macbook charging issues.

But, you must be very careful while cleaning up these components. Otherwise, they might get damaged and cause a bigger problem. So, use a cotton swab to wipe the charger connector and the Macbook port gently. Make sure to clean these components thoroughly before you try to charge the device again. 

Update Your Mac Version

Are you using an outdated Mac version on your Macbook? If yes, then that might explain why you are unable to charge the device And, you must consider updating the system to get a long-lasting solution in such cases. So, you must give that a try and check whether you can charge your Macbook after that.

Go to the System Preferences and open the Software Update section. Check the software version on that window and opt for installing an update. Wait until the update is complete, and then connect your device to the charger.

Does it still fail to charge? Then, there might be a misconfiguration in your Macbook, which you can fix all by yourself.

Reset Your Macbook

You can try resetting the default settings on your Mac before taking it for a repair. And, that can often fix various misconfigurations and resolve the charging issues. But, you must use this method only as a last resort.

Did you fail to fix the problem with the previous methods? Then, restart your Macbook and hold Command and R buttons simultaneously to boot in Recovery Mode. Also, make sure to back up your data before taking this step.

Go to the Disk Utility option and opt for unmounting the hard drive. Then, erase the hard drive and exit Disk Utility. Find and click the “Reinstall OS X” option and follow all the on-screen instructions. This will reset the factory settings on your Macbook and might fix the charging problems.

What if You Fail to Fix Macbook Charging Issue?

You can also try some other solutions other than the aforementioned ones. But, it would be better to approach Macbook Repair India for a reliable solution in such cases. Especially so if you are looking for a fast and efficient repair.

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