How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You an Apple MacBook?

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How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You an Apple MacBook?

MacBooks are surely expensive as compared to other laptops. But, they also have more to offer you than products from other brands. So, they offer you great value for money, which is a good enough reason to get them.

But, that is not so simple for people dependent on their parents. You might often find it quite challenging to obtain a MacBook from your parents. However, it is not impossible after all, and you can try a bit of persuasion.

So, how to convince your parents to buy you an Apple MacBook? If you are wondering, that involves many steps and not just one. So, you surely have to make some effort to achieve it.

Following the steps given below would hopefully help you succeed.

8 Steps to Convince Your Parents to Buy You a Macbook

The ease of convincing your parents to get you a MacBook is not the same for everyone. Apart from that, it might not work the same way in all cases.

Regardless, everyone can take some common steps to accomplish that. Here, we have listed them that you can pick from depending on your situation:

  • Make Sure the Time is Right

Is it a long time before your birthday? Then, it might not be the time to ask for an Apple MacBook yet. Wait for some more time and then talk to your parents about your wish. Is there a time of the year apart from your birthday when you are likely to get gifts? If yes, then you can also pick that time to ask for a MacBook.

Regardless of the time you choose, make sure it is the right one. After all, a lot depends on it and picking the wrong time can affect your plans. 

  • Spend Less Time and Love on Non-Apple Laptops

Do you have a non-Apple laptop right now? If yes, you need to check the time you spend on it. Giving too much time to it can mean that you are fine with a non-Apple laptop. And, your parents would most probably catch this sign unless you consciously prevent that.

Do you love your non-Apple laptop? Then, your parents might think that you are fine with any laptop as long as you have one. And, they might not take your wish for a MacBook seriously as a result.

So, you need to hide your love for your current laptop. But, make it clear that you appreciate your current laptop to prevent annoying your parents. 

  • Make it Clear that You do not want a Desktop

Are you unwilling to get a Mac desktop device instead of a MacBook? Then, you must say that clearly to your parents. They might often suggest buying you a desktop after all. If required, you must also express your dislike for desktops. A laptop has many advantages over a desktop, and you must help your parents understand that. 

  • Do Not Force them

Most of your friends might have got what they wanted by forcing their parents. But, that does not work in all cases after all. Even if you succeed that way, it surely would not be good in the long run.

Additionally, there is no good reason for you to force your parents to buy you something. Doing that might often reduce your chances of getting a MacBook. So, avoid anything that makes your parents decide against buying you a MacBook. 

  • Listen to them and Be Helpful

This step is an essential one for getting your parents to buy you a MacBook. After all, you have to listen to others to be listened to. Especially so, when it comes to convincing your parents about anything. So, now is the time to start being obedient and helpful to them if you are not already. 

  • Give Some Time to Exercising and Outdoor Activities

This step is related to the second one we have listed here. As it happens, your parents would not see you spending too much time on your laptop as a good sign. Doing that would make you look lazy to them.

And, they might decide not to get you a MacBook as it might increase your screen time. This is a valid concern, and you should prove that you are not obsessed with your laptop.

So, give as much time as you can to do physical exercises and other activities. And, that can significantly help you turn your parents’ decision in your favour. But, it depends on how well you can apply this step in your daily life. 

  • Maintain Your Academic Performance

As you know, your academic performance is one of the most important concerns for your parents. And, some of their decisions regarding you are often based on your grades. And, that is why it is quite important to maintain good grades.

If they start falling, your dreams of owning a MacBook might break. And, that is why it is very important to maintain or improve your grades depending on your situation. 

  • Get the MacBook Experience to Your Parents

Do any of your friends or family members own a MacBook? If yes, borrow the device for a while to show your parents. Let them check out the device and gain experience regrading its potential. They would surely understand the value that a MacBook provides in return for their money.

However, they might face some difficulties in understanding a Mac system if they are Windows users. Yet, this step can be quite effective in convincing your parents to buy you a MacBook.

Get Regular Servicing for Your MacBook

You would hopefully get a MacBook by following the aforementioned steps. If you do, then make sure that your parents do not regret their decision. Contact MacBook Repair India for regular servicing to maintain your device in its best condition.

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