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How much does it Cost to Fix a MacBook Keyboard? Points to Revise

How much does it Cost to Fix a MacBook Keyboard? Points to Revise

Fix a MacBook Keyboard

How much does it Cost to Fix a MacBook Keyboard? Points to Revise

Stuck or jammed keys are one of the most common problems that can ever happen to a MacBook. After all, the keyboard of your MacBook is the component that mostly experiences wear and tear. With a functional keyboard, carrying on all your important tasks on your MacBook is possible.

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard? This is the question that strikes anyone dealing with keyboard discrepancies. If you fear repairing an out-of-warranty Mac keyboard would cost you a fortune, then it’s not a false assumption.

However, there are various factors that you should consider before getting your Mac repaired and its cost. This guide will help you cover those points along with a range of costs that you can expect to get your MacBook keyboard fixed. Let’s get started.

How much does it Cost to Fix a MacBook Keyboard: Relevant Contributing Factors

Fixing a Mac or any other laptop keyboard can mainly work in 2 different ways. The first is software troubleshooting which involves tuning, installing, uninstalling, or updating additional software. On the other hand, it can also include hardware repairs such as replacing power components, keyboards, and more.

So, how much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard? Let’s figure out the leading contributing factors.

Keyboard Issues

The repair cost depends on the issue that the keyboard is suffering from. If it’s just a minor technical or software glitch, it would cost you little, including a complete diagnosis. Otherwise, the keyboard or hardware replacement can cost more than anticipated.

That’s why it’s impossible to tell exactly how much it would cost you to repair your MacBook Pro keyboard. Instead, you can expect a range of costs and only an expert can give you a cost estimate after diagnosing the entire MacBook and its functionalities. 

MacBook Build and Model

In addition, the model and the build of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air manipulate the repair charge. A 13-inch MacBook Air keyboard replacement cost will be definitely different from a 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard replacement. The repair cost will be more when you shift to a higher-end model.

Moreover, the keyboard type also plays an important role in determining the repair charge. For example, fixing a Butterfly keyboard will be less expensive than repairing a Magic one.

On the other hand, the repair cost also relies on the damage extent. You might have to replace the entire keyboard assembly or housing if the keyboard is damaged significantly. Only a keyboard replacement isn’t sufficient in that case.

Local Shop or Authorised Apple Repair Store

This is another important contributing factor that decides the Mac keyboard repair cost. If you choose a local shop, you might not get authentic Apple MacBook spare parts for repair or replacement.

Whereas authorised Apple repair stores will supply you only genuine spare parts. This creates a big difference between their individual MacBook keyboard replacement or repair prices. 

However, what can you expect regarding a range of MacBook keyboard repair costs? On average, it can be as low as INR 4500 and as high as INR 11500. If you still bag a warranty on your MacBook, it will cost you less than anticipated, and you should consider an authorised Apple service centre.

MacBook Keyboard not Working: Potential Reasons

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard? You already know the cost and what factors can be behind that. Besides this, you must be aware of the reasons that can lead to a defective keyboard. 

Your Mac keyboard might stop responding all of a sudden, or a few keys might be jammed. Keys may feel sticky, and they cannot react as usual. Additionally, characters might not appear on the screen at all. Or, you might notice that letters repeat themselves without explanation when you press a particular key just once.

Sometimes, all you need is a quick cleaning. Or else, you might require a connection re-establishment, hardware replacement, software tuning, or keyboard replacement. Check out the following causes that can result in keyboard issues:

Dirt & Dust Accumulation

Your MacBook keyboard has enough space for nasty stuff to build up. For example, dust and debris might have accumulated under and around the keycaps of your Mac keyboard. Probably, you haven’t cleaned the keyboard for a while, and that’s why the keys can feel jammed.

Loose Connection

Your Mac keyboard may be unable to connect to the main system internally. The responsible connection might have worn out, and Reconnecting the keyboard should resolve the problem.

Outdated Keyboard Drivers

Professional Mac repair experts suggest updating or reinstalling keyboard drivers regarding how to fix MacBook keyboard keys. Outdated keyboard drivers can’t keep up the required functionality, and that’s why your Mac keyboard fails. 

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard disturbed by outdated drivers? It will be quite slim compared to replacing the entire keyboard or similar components.

Improper Regional Settings

A few keyboard characters might not work. You might have chosen the wrong language or region for the keyboard settings.

Liquid Damage

Have you accidentally spilt water or any other beverage on your Mac keyboard? Even after drying the MacBook completely, the keyboard might not work. Chances are there that internal parts might have corroded due to the liquid damage your MacBook sustained.

DIY Hacks to Fix Your MacBook Keyboard at Home

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard? Well, it can be as low as free if you can solve the temporary software glitch. Numerous Mac users have reported that it’s possible to address a few keyboard issues without expert help. 

However, you should report your Mac keyboard issues in serious emergencies such as water damage or physical accidents. If you notice that your MacBook keyboard behaves strangely suddenly, then you can try the following fixes:

Clean Your MacBook Keyboard

Have you cleaned your Mac keyboard since you purchased it? If not, then your MacBook keyboard is more likely to get accumulated with dirt and debris. Cleaning a MacBook keyboard is more complicated than cleaning a regular keyboard.

You can’t open up the keycaps and regularly clean a Mac keyboard. Instead, you must have a compressed air can that you can use to spray out the dust around keys. However, if the keys are sticky, this DIY solution won’t give you a completely clean keyboard.

Unplug Peripherals from Your MacBook

How to fix MacBook keyboard keys disturbed by unexpected glitches? Temporary software bugs might result in keyboard malfunctions among MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other models. Software glitches might arise from connected peripherals or devices connected to the MacBook.

That’s why you should try removing all peripherals from your Mac computer. Unplug the mouse, USB devices, printers, scanners, cameras, and other peripheral devices from your Mac and check if it restores your keyboard’s functions.

Restart the Mac System

Another way to bypass the ongoing keyboard issue is to reboot the MacBook. Here’s how you can restart a MacBook:

  • Click the Apple logo from the top of your Mac screen.
  • Next, select the Restart option.

The device should take a while to restart automatically. If your Mac trackpad doesn’t work, press and hold the Power button. Release the Power button once the Mac shuts down. Next, press the Power button to turn on the device.

Update macOS

As you already know, outdated keyboard drivers can cause obstacles, and some keys might not work. There’s no straightforward way to update your keyboard drivers on Mac. Rather than this, you can update your Mac’s operating system software to upgrade the required drivers.

Check out how you can update macOS:

  • Go to System Preferences or System Settings under the Apple menu on your MacBook.
  • Next, select Software Update.
  • If you select System Settings, you must click General and then Software Update.

Your system will look for available software updates. Click the install button if it finds any. Once you update the macOS, test if the keyboard works perfectly.

When Should You Consider Professional MacBook Keyboard Repair?

Contact MacBook-specialised technicians if you suffer from broken, loose, sticky, or malfunctioning keys. Immediately contact Macbook Repair India for water damage, backlight issues, and missing keys. How much does it cost to fix a MacBook keyboard?

Macbook Repair India offers affordable and genuine solutions to keyboard issues. Get keyboard replacements, software fixes, and additional hardware repairs at a minimal cost from them.

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