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Top 9 Reasons Why is MacBook So Expensive - A Detailed Guide

Top 9 Reasons Why is MacBook So Expensive – A Detailed Guide

Why is MacBook So Expensive

Top 9 Reasons Why is MacBook So Expensive – A Detailed Guide

Most students and creative professionals prefer Windows laptops over MacBooks because of the costly expenses. Their price varies even though they have similar interface and features. Several reasons can be addressed for an Apple laptop’s high price. 

So, let’s find out why is MacBook so expensive. Factors like Apple’s exclusive ecosystem, privacy and security policy and specifications determine a product’s price. Apple products offer numerous benefits to users, but they always come at a cost.

MacBooks handle multitasking better than Windows laptops. A Windows 10/11 laptop generates overheating problems when working on multiple apps. However, an Apple laptop doesn’t generate excess heat while running 2-3 apps simultaneously. 

Comparing the specs of a MacBook and Windows devices, it becomes clear that the former is worth investing money in. Here are the possible reasons why a MacBook Air or Pro costs more than other branded laptops:

1. Durability

Nobody wants to spend money on a product that will not last even for 6-7 years. A MacBook can last up to 7 years if you handle and maintain it properly. Apple uses durable and premium-quality parts in MacBooks. 

Therefore, a potential buyer can expect more durability from this Apple device than from other laptops. The company uses high-resolution displays and solid designs for MacBooks to last for years. 

Apple uses aluminium for Mac laptop’s build because it is lightweight, durable and offers better thermal conductivity. The less heat the laptop will generate, the less the chance of internal part damage. So, durability is another reason why is MacBook is so expensive. 

2. High Product Resale Value

Apple products are best known for their high-end components and exclusive specifications. The company provides attention to every detail and quality when manufacturing a MacBook.

The Mac laptops have higher resale values than their competitors because the company does not compromise on quality. Apple creates premium laptops that are built to last without repairs. Customers are willing to pay for a second-hand Macbook in excellent condition. 

Another reason why MacBooks have higher resale value is because of Apple’s reputation. The company has built a massive reputation for producing innovative, durable and high-quality products. Apple always places customer satisfaction at the top. Consumers buy MacBooks even at a high price because they trust the brand. 

Here are the other factors that determine MacBook’s high resale values:

  • Apple’s warranty and repair program
  • The company’s closed ecosystem
  • 24*7 customer assistance

3. Hardware

Apple includes the best hardware for Mac laptops to improve the user experience. They have super-comfortable scissors, and Butterfly switches on the keyboards. Besides, MacBook Pro’s Magic keyboard’s built-in feature makes it easier to enter emojis while sending texts.

You can switch the keyboard languages, lock the device and perform other functions with a single key touch. Mac laptops also have an easy-to-use and excellent Force Touch trackpad. It has pressure-sensing capabilities, allowing you to easily touch, swipe or drag objects.

What else can you do with a MacBook’s trackpad? You can return to a webpage or PDF file by double-tapping on the trackpad with 2 fingers. 

Slide two fingers up or down to scroll to social media newsfeeds or online articles.

With the Mac trackpad’s multi-touch gestures, you can swipe between pages and access the Notification Centre. 

MacBook has a high market value for incorporating these features:

  • Retina display with a high pixel density
  • 720p webcam
  • A High-quality SSD with 4TB of storage space
  • Two cooling fans
  • Eight-core GPU and CPU
  • 16GB unified memory
  • MagSafe 3 port and SD card slot

4. Long-Lasting Battery Life 

A MacBook’s battery can last 9-14 hours on a single charge. However, the battery life varies depending on the processor the laptop uses. M2-powered based MacBook Pro and Air offers 10-17 hours of battery longevity. 

On the other hand, the Intel-based Mac laptops offer 6-10 hours of battery life. Thus, the internal battery is another reason why a MacBook is expensive. Apple’s MacBook batteries also last for years. So, you can use the device without replacing the battery frequently.

However, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the built-in battery lasts for years. Avoid overcharging the Mac device – it might reduce the battery life. Save the Mac battery by dimming the display and optimising video streaming. 

Here are the other tips to improve your MacBook’s battery life:

  • Disable the keyboard backlights when not required
  • Turn off the Bluetooth connection
  • Switch to Safari from Chrome
  • Update the system software
  • Close the background apps

5. High Product Supply and Demand

The higher the demand for the product, the less supply it has, so the company increases the price. Apple devices like MacBooks are always in high demand. Developers have kept the Mac laptops’ design and feature similar for years. 

There is no reason for Apple to change any specifications of their laptops. The company uses customised parts for MacBooks to make them sleek and efficient. These specialised product parts drive the price up. 

Are you looking for the answer to why is MacBook so expensive? The demand for the MacBook parts and the product cost push its prices higher. Apple will never reduce the Mac laptop’s price for the high demand and less supply. 

6. Apple’s Support Service

Apple became a popular brand by offering excellent customer service and technical assistance. The customer support representatives are available round the clock to assist you. They can help you with product purchase maintenance to repair. 

Besides, MacBook users can easily connect with the Apple support team via social media platforms. They respond promptly to all your questions and queries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

Apple also has a dedicated customer service number to offer remote support to users. However, the number might vary from one country to another. Laptop Mag has ranked Apple second for offering great phone support. The company always stays ahead of the competition by having the best customer support team. 

7. Security and Privacy Features

Apple’s high-end security and privacy features are another factor for MacBook’s high price. The company offers frequent software updates to fix security flaws and major bugs. Thus, MacBook owners can access the device safely without worrying about security vulnerabilities.

Mac laptops are less likely to be infected with viruses, malware or adware than Windows devices. Apple included a built-in antivirus software named XProtect in the MacBook. It can detect and block malware or viruses efficiently. 

The MacBook’s storage drive is encrypted with hardware keys to prevent data from catastrophic failure. It means you can restore important files from the device even if its hard drive is damaged.

FileVault also adds an extra layer of protection to MacBooks. It prevents unauthorised users from accessing the data or content saved on the laptop. 

However, this security feature is disabled on MacBooks by default. Potential buyers must enable it from System Preferences to increase device safety.

Apple set a high price for MacBooks to integrate these security and privacy features:

  • Find My Mac
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • System Integrity Protection
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention
  • Password Monitoring
  • Sharing controls
  • Limited Photos Library access

8. User-Friendly 

MacBooks are envisioned to be the most user-friendly laptops available in the market. The exclusive features and stuffy design makes it easier to use. Moreover, Mac laptops are lightweight and can be carried anywhere while travelling. 

The Intel and Apple silicon-powered MacBook’s design balances durability and portability. It also has a simple interface like the latest Windows devices. Web surfing, game streaming and file editing are extremely intuitive on MacBooks. 

Repairing a MacBook with an Apple service program is also easy. Contact the Apple service team, and they will tell you how to repair it from their service centre. Ensure to send the MacBook for repair within 30 days. Otherwise, Apple will cancel their offer to repair the product for free.

9. Warranty Period 

Apple offers a limited 1-year warranty when you purchase a new MacBook Air or Pro. You can cover the battery, power connector and critical screen repairs without paying any additional costs. Moreover, you can extend the product warranty with AppleCare+. This Apple coverage program offers a 3-year warranty for all Mac laptops. However, this service is only available for a fee. 

You must pay a minimal service charge to fix the accidental screen damage.

Do you know the best part about the AppleCare+ program? It allows you to hire a technician for on-site assistance via mail. So, you save the costly repair expenses by choosing this Apple repair service program.

Other Reasons Why is MacBook So Expensive:

If you have used an iPhone or Apple Watch before, you might be familiar with how Apple’s ecosystem works. Apple lets you connect a MacBook with an iPhone and iPad. You can use your Apple phone as a second display for your Mac laptops.

Additionally, users can transfer large 2TB files easily from MacBook to other Apple devices with integration features. You can start writing a message on the Mac laptop and complete it on your iPhone. A Windows or Linux laptop needs these features. So, the MacBook is expensive and worth the cost. 

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