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Where is the Mic in MacBook Air: A Complete Guide 2023

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air: A Complete Guide 2023

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air: A Complete Guide 2023

Most people use MacBook Air to attend their important business calls and video conferences. Sometimes, the microphone might generate a crackling sound when accessing a video calling app. So, you must know where is the Mic in MacBook Air to fix the sound problem. 

No matter which MacBook Air you use, you will see the microphone in the same location. However, finding the mic in your Apple laptop can be difficult as it isn’t visible in newer models. However, the microphone’s position is clearly visible on older MacBook Air models.

Let’s find out where the microphone is located on the different MacBook Air models:

Do all MacBook Air models have a built-in Microphone?

Every MacBook Air model has built-in microphones, and you just have to find it. However, the Apple-silicon-based MacBook Air’s sleek design makes it challenging to find the microphone. Locating the microphone on Intel-based MacBook Air is easier than on the M1 or M2-powered models.

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air (2018)?

Apple introduced new features on MacBook Air (2018) and newer models. The 2018 MacBook Air offers more screen resolution, less bezel and long-lasting battery life. 

Alongside this, the company changed the speakers and microphone design in this model.

In the 13-inch MacBook Air (2018), Apple added 2 grills near the keyboard to make space for front-facing speakers. This model also doesn’t have the microphone grill like its predecessor. There are 3 microphones built-in on the right side of the MacBook Air (2018).

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air (2019) and Later Models?

Microphones on MacBook Air (2019) and newer models are located pretty much in the same location on MacBook Air (2018). However, you can’t see them after unboxing the brand-new laptop. 

To find the microphone, lift your MacBook Air, and you will find the microphone behind the speaker grills. Built-in microphones are located on the MacBook Air 2019 or later models’ left side. These advanced microphones record users’ sound better for voice memos and online video conferences. 

Where is the Mic in MacBook Air (2017) and Older Models?

The MacBook Air (2017) and older models have the same design as the first MacBook Air released in January 2008. Though Apple made hardware upgrades in the MacBook Air 2017 model, they didn’t change the mic’s location.

So, you will find the microphone on MacBook Air (2017) and older models on the device’s left side. Users can clearly see the microphone next to the headphone jack port and it is even labelled. So, check where the microphone icon is on your Mac laptop and use it for audio and video calls.

Is the MacBook Air’s Microphone ideal for Video and Audio Calls?

Most laptop users invest in an additional microphone to get the best audio recording results. However, you don’t have to worry about it if you’re using a MacBook Air. Its built-in microphone quality is better than the external microphones.

Since Apple included internal mics on MacBook Air, you must modify the app settings to make video or audio calls. Click the Apple icon in the Menu bar and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down list. 

Scroll down to “Security & Privacy”, choose “Microphone and put a tick mark next to the app where you need microphone access. Uncheck the app when you are not using it on your MacBook Air to increase device security.

There are third-party apps that try to access your microphone without your prior knowledge. Uninstall these apps from the Apple laptop to protect it from vulnerabilities. 

How to Know if MacBook Air is Using the Built-in Microphone?

You can easily tell if your MacBook Air is using the microphone by glancing at its menu bar. The Menu Bar has a Control Centre icon, and users will notice a yellow dot next to it if your Mic is in use. Apps on your Mac laptop can’t access the microphone without showing this dot.

How to Control Microphone Access on Your MacBook Air?

The “Security and Privacy” option in your Mac UI lets you control the laptop’s microphone access. You can see the list of apps that can access your MacBook Air’s built-in mics. Deselect the apps where you want to restrict the microphone access.

Here is how you can control the mic access on your MacBook Air:

  • Access the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the search box and write “security” to find the Security & Privacy option.
  • Tap on “Privacy” and select “Microphone” from the list.
  • Remove the tick mark from the apps where microphone access is not required.

How to Check the Internal Microphone Settings on MacBook Air?

If your MacBook Air’s microphone is generating any issues, check its settings to eliminate the problem. Close all the background apps from the Activity Monitor before modifying the built-in microphone’s configuration. Here is how you can do it:

  • Tap on the Apple icon from the MacBook Air’s menu bar and scroll down to “System Preferences”.
  • Tap on “Sound” when the next window appears and head towards the Input tab.
  • Select the microphone name that is marked as your MacBook Air built-in mic to access the settings.

Speak something in the microphone and check if the Input Level is animating. If yes, then it indicates your MacBook Air’s internal microphones are working perfectly. 

However, you must lower the “Input Volume” if the Input Level is on the higher side. It helps lower your volume when you’re on a video or audio call.

Additionally, you can reduce the background sound on your MacBook Air by enabling the “Use ambient noise reduction” feature. This option doesn’t appear if you have selected a 4-channel built-in mic format in “Audio MIDI Setup”. Choose the correct microphone format to enable the noise reduction feature without hassle.

How to Test the Internal Microphones on Your MacBook Air?

It’s important to test your MacBook Air’s built-in microphones before joining an important online meeting. It will help you to determine if the Apple laptop’s mic has any problem, and you will be able to fix it right away. 

There is no need to download and install any third-party tool to test the microphone. MacBook Air users can easily do that by following these steps:

  • Click the Launchpad icon in Dock, go to the search field and write “Quicktime”.
  • Select “QuickTime Player” from the search results and wait until the app window opens.
  • Navigate to “File” and choose “New Audio Recording” from the pop-up window.
  • A new window will appear on your MacBook Air screen from where you can increase the volume.
  • Tap the red button to start recording the audio and say something for a few seconds.
  • Play the audio recording, and the mic is working fine if you can hear your voice clearly without any background sound.

Best Tips to Use Your MacBook Air’s Built-in Microphones

MacBook Air’s internal microphones are also great for online game streaming. However, there are times when you must adjust a few settings to make the best use of them. Now, let’s learn the easy ways to optimise your microphone on the MacBook Air (2017 and later)

Place your Intel or Apple-Silicon-based Mac on a Flat surface

Always place your MacBook Air on a flat surface like a table. The laptop should be close to you; otherwise, it will fail to record clear audio. However, the device shouldn’t be too close as it can record distorted audio. 

Clean the Microphone Port

Dust or dust might accumulate inside your MacBook Air over time. This dust or dirt buildup can generate issues when recording audio. So, if you notice dust particles inside the port, consider cleaning it. Contact a technician if you don’t have the requisite tools for laptop port cleaning. 

Remove the unwanted objects 

Don’t place Bluetooth speakers or other smart devices near your MacBook Air (2020  or older). Apple laptops’ built-in mics can be affected by obstacles next to them. Removing these objects can improve the mic’s sound-capturing capability. 

You don’t have to make the space clutter-free if you use MacBook Air (2022 or later). Because the microphones and speakers are located between the keyboard and display in these laptops. So, it can record high-quality sound even with devices next to it.

Benefits of using Built-in Microphones on MacBook Air

Using the built-in microphones on your MacBook Air can be beneficial in several ways. These types of mics use advanced software to provide better sound clarity than standard microphones. 

Moreover, the built-in mics are easy to access and configure. All you need to do is open the MacBook Air’s settings, enable the microphone, and you’re good to go. The best part about these microphones is they are extremely portable.

You can record high-quality audio from anywhere in the home or office without connecting extra hardware. It makes audio recording easier and more convenient using a laptop. 

Since the built-in microphones are integrated into the MacBook Air, unauthorised users can access it. Thus, they ensure your Mac data is safe from online predators. However, after the recent update, you might encounter issues when using the MacBook Air mics. Connect with MacBook Air India experts, who can help you fix all the microphone-related issues. 

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