How to Upgrade Your RAM on MacBook?

Upgrade Your RAM on MacBook

How to Upgrade Your RAM on MacBook?

As you might know, Apple does not sell RAM separately for your MacBook. But, that does not mean you have to keep using your MacBook with a RAM shortage. You can simply buy a third-party or second-hand laptop memory chip from the market.

How to upgrade your RAM on MacBook? If you are wondering, you can get a professional service for that.

However, you might find the task simple enough to complete it all by yourself. It simply involves opening up your device and properly placing the new RAM in it. The steps we have given below should help you accomplish the task.

You must ensure whether your device allows a RAM upgrade and how much RAM you can add to it. Apart from that, we will also look at when to upgrade your MacBook’s RAM.

Does Your MacBook Model allow a RAM Upgrade?

Whether you can upgrade the RAM depends on the laptop model you are using. And, the same applies in the case of Mac devices. As you might already know, not all Macbooks are compatible with RAM upgrades.

And, that is why you must make sure whether the one you are using allows it. Currently, you can upgrade RAM on the following MacBook models:

  • MacBook Pro 13”
  • MacBook Pro 15”
  • MacBook Pro 17”
  • MacBook Unibody
  • MacBook Core 2 Duo

You can also consult experts to make sure you can upgrade the RAM on your laptop. Once you have done that, you need to check how much upgrade your device allows.

How Much RAM Can You Add to Your MacBook?

You must check the system information first before you proceed with a RAM upgrade. Also, you must find out whether your device has space for more memory. Then, you must determine how much RAM you can add to your MacBook.

Here is how to proceed with these steps:

Open the System Information

Click on the Apple Icon to bring up the options. Then, navigate to the ‘About this Mac’ section on your device. You will find a wide range of useful system information on that window. Check the relevant ones among them before you exit this page.

Check the Available RAM Space

You can check the available space for memory on the ‘About this Mac’ window. Click on ‘More Info’ and open the Memory section on the left panel. You will find the RAM slots at the top mentioned as “Bank 0”, “Bank 1”, and so on.

Check the size of memory on each slot beside them. Do you find at least one slot empty? If yes, then you can add RAM to this slot.

Check the Upgradeable RAM Amount

Depending on your MacBook model, you can go for various quantities of RAM upgrades. And, you would probably want to upgrade to the maximum amount you can.

Are you unsure about the amount of RAM you can add? Then, visit the Apple support website and enter your MacBook model number. Check the specifications to know the amount of RAM upgrade it supports.

How to Upgrade Your RAM on MacBook?

You need to buy the RAM from a third party as mentioned earlier. Make sure to buy the right one for your MacBook model before proceeding with the upgrade. Then, complete the upgrading process with the following steps:

Remove the Bottom Cover

Turn off your Mac if it is running and make sure to unplug it from the power source. Then, turn it upside down and pop the latch that secures the bottom cover. You must then use a screwdriver to remove the screws of the cover for removing it completely.

Detach the Older RAM and Fix the New One

You will find latches that hold the RAM in their place inside your MacBook. Pull apart each of them to remove the older memory chip. Then, place the new RAM inside your MacBook and Secure the bottom cover using the screws and the latch.

Make Sure the Upgrade Was Effective

Turn on your MacBook once you have placed the new RAM in it. Then, go to the ‘About this Mac’ section for viewing system information. Navigate to the section with the RAM information to check whether the upgrade was effective.

You must hire a professional RAM upgrade service if the upgrade was ineffective. Before that, you might want to double-check whether your MacBook supports a memory upgrade.

When to Upgrade Your MacBook’s RAM?

RAM shortage can significantly affect your laptop’s performance. So, you would see certain signs in such cases. The most common ones that might show up on MacBooks:

Rebooting Randomly

Does your MacBook keep rebooting without any explanation? If yes, then that is a possible sign of a RAM shortage. So, you must consider upgrading the device memory if that is possible. Consult an expert, if required, to know whether the issue has some other causes.

Lags During Typing

Do you face frequent lags while typing on your MacBook? Then, it might have other possible causes apart from RAM shortage. So, you must address any other issues that might cause this problem. If the lagging persists, a RAM upgrade might help you improve your MacBook’s performance.

Apps Not Working

You might often find certain programs not responding on your MacBook. Make sure the app is compatible with your device in such cases. If required, you must reinstall the program on your MacBook for a solution. But, if nothing else works, a RAM upgrade could offer you an effective solution.

Blue Screens

The blue screen error might indicate a wide range of issues with your laptop. And, you can apply various solutions to fix it. But, what if you keep getting blue screens on your MacBook? In such cases, you must try out a RAM upgrade if your device supports it.

Hire a Professional MacBook RAM Upgrade

Are you unsure about proceeding with a RAM upgrade all by yourself? Then, you can simply let an experienced professional handle it. Contact MacBook Repair India and book an efficient RAM upgrade service for your device.

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