How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook in 2023: 6 Easy Ways

How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook

How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook in 2023: 6 Easy Ways

Apple ecosystem products work pretty well with each other without generating any compatibility issues. For instance, you can start writing a text on an iPhone and complete that in your Mac device’s iMessage. However, most users are unaware that they can also share data between these two Apple devices.

Haven’t used a Mac laptop before? You might not know how to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook. Let us clarify that there are several ways to share files from iOS devices to an Apple laptop. 

There are some instances where you must transfer your iPhone data to another device. Restore the data in your Mac laptop before resetting the Apple phone. Otherwise, you might lose important data if something goes wrong during the factory reset process.

Transfer the iPhone data to your MacBook to clear up the space. Do you want to edit your iPhone’s recorded video on your Mac device? You must learn the easy steps to export the media file from one Apple product to another.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to MacBook with AirDrop?

Airdrop is the best app to share large files from your iPhone to your Mac laptop. However, you must connect these two devices with the same wireless network when using this built-in file-sharing utility. Enable “AirDrop” on your iPhone and MacBook for hassle-free data transfer.

Turn on AirDrop on your iPhone

Access your phone’s Control Center and turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Tap on Airdrop and select “Contacts Only” to receive the data from people in your Contacts list. Choose “Everyone” to transfer files to any Apple device in the range.

Turn on Airdrop on your MacBook

Open the Finder menu, select “Go”, and choose “AirDrop” from the drop-down menu. Turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection in your Mac laptop’s Dock. Put a tick mark next to “Allow to be discovered by”, “Everyone”, or “Contacts Only”.

Share the data from an iPhone to MacBook

Open the file you want to transfer from the Apple phone to your Mac laptop in the Finder window. Tap the Share icon and check if you can see the AirDrop icon next to your MacBook’s name. If yes, select your Mac laptop to transfer the media file.

How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook via iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive allows iPhone users to share data with other Apple devices, including MacBooks. However, sync the iCloud drive to your iOS and macOS devices. Otherwise, you will receive an error message when transferring the files via iCloud Drive.

Sync iCloud Drive on your iPhone

Open your iOS settings, tap on your Apple ID and select “iCloud”. Tap on “iCloud Drive ” and choose “Sync this iPhone” on the iPhones with iOS 16 or later. Does your iPhone use iOS 15 or earlier? Move the iCloud Drive toggle from left to right to enable it.

Sync iCloud Drive on your MacBook

Access your MacBook’s Apple menu and choose “System Settings”. Do you have an Apple laptop with macOS Monterey or earlier? Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.

Tap on your Apple ID and select “iCloud” from the next window. Move the iCloud Drive toggle from left to right to enable it. Click “Options”, go to “Documents” and choose all the apps listed in this tab. Tap on “Done” and close the iCloud window.

Share Files and Folders

Open your iPhone’s Files app and choose the file you want to transfer to the MacBook. Click the Share icon, and scroll down to select “Save to Files”. 

Go to “Locations” when the next window appears, tap on iCloud Driver and select “Save”. Open the Finder window on your Mac laptop and navigate to “iCloud Drive” from iCloud – your shared file will be there. Click “Download” if you want to access the file offline.

How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook with iTunes?

iTunes transfers files, images and other data from your iPhone to a Mac device. Documents used in built-in iOS apps like Keynote, Pages and Numbers can be shared via iTunes. 

Here are the easy steps to export data from your phone to your MacBook with iTunes:

  • Connect your Apple phone to your MacBook via a compatible USB cable.
  • Open the iTunes app from your iPhone and tap on the Mac device icon.
  • Select “File Sharing” and choose the app from where you want to transfer a file.
  • Click on the correct file from the list, tap on “Save to”, and select a folder or app where you want to save it.
  • Choose “Save to” again when the confirmation prompt appears.
  • Open the folder or app to check if the shared file exists.

How to Transfer data from iPhone to MacBook using Finder?

You can share important data from your phone to your MacBook via Finder using a USB cable or through Wi-Fi. If you have a Mfi-certified USB cable, connect one end to your iPhone’s charging port and the other to your Mac’s USB port.

Your iPhone might prompt you to trust the MacBook that is plugged in. Click “Trust” when the pop-up appears, and enter your iPhone’s security passcode. Your iPhone will appear on your MacBook’s Finder window after connecting it to the MacBook.

Go to “Locations” and tap on your iPhone’s model or name from the left-side panel. Head towards “Files”, and you will see a list of apps stored on your phone. Click the right arrow next to the iOS app to check its associated files.

Drag and drop the file using the MacBook’s trackpad or an external mouse. Unplug the USB cable from your iPhone and Mac laptop. Open your Mac’s Finder menu and enter the file name in the search box. You will see the shared file in the list of installed files.

How to share data from iPhone to MacBook via Finder using Wi-Fi?

Connect your iPhone to your new Mac laptop using a USB cable. Open the finder window from your MacBook and tap on your iPhone’s name from the Locations tab. Navigate to “General” and tick the “Show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi” box.

Select “Apply” and wait until MacBook’s Finder detects your iPhone. If yes, then you can transfer the data between these two devices. 

Here is how you can share the files or folders from iPhone to MacBook over Wi-Fi:

  • Turn on your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot from the Control Centre.
  • Sync your iPhone and MacBook with the same Apple ID.
  • Access the Wi-Fi menu on your MacBook and choose your iPhone’s hotspot name from the list.
  • Open your Mac laptop’s Finder menu and ensure your iPhone’s name is there under “Locations”.
  • Go to “Files” to see the list of app files on your iPhone.
  • Click the right arrow next to the app from where you want to transfer the file.
  • Drag and drop it, and your MacBook will save it on its hard drive.

How to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook via Email?

Sending a file via email can be complicated for new MacBook users. However, you can do that without considering any external help. 

Follow these simple steps to transfer the media files from your iPhone to your MacBook via email:

  • Open the file you want to share and select the Share icon when promoted.
  • Choose your iPhone’s default mail app or the email app of your choice. 
  • Compose a new mail, attach the file and enter your email address to send it yourself.
  • Open the Mail app on your MacBook and view that email from the unread emails list.
  • Tap on the email and click the download icon to save it on your Mac laptop.

How to transfer data from iPhone to a MacBook with Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform like iCloud that helps you store more than 2TB of files. If there is insufficient storage in your iPhone, transfer the data to your MacBook’s Dropbox. However, you must download and install the app on your laptop and iPhone before sharing the files.

Connect your iOS and macOS devices with a stable internet connection and open the Dropbox app. Ensure you use the same login credentials on your iPhone and MacBook’s Dropbox. 

Tap on the 3 small dots from your iPhone and select “Upload”. Choose the photo or file you want to upload when the apps menu appears. A blue check mark will appear on the file you have selected. 

Select “Next”, tap on “Save Settings”, and choose the folder where you want to upload the content. Tap on “Upload”, and Dropbox will upload the file within seconds. 

Open your MacBook’s Finder window and go to the search box to write the file name. Your Mac laptop will show you the file in the search results. Access the file and share it with other cloud platforms or messaging apps. Connect with MacBook Repair India technicians if Dropbox isn’t showing the shared iPhone data.

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