How to Take a Screenshot on Mac (The Ultimate Guide)

Take a Screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac (The Ultimate Guide)

Steps on how to take screenshots on a MacBook is essential to make the intensive work easier. Use the screenshot app instead of re-writing the client mail or event-related details. It saves the hassle of storing the essential data on the devices.

Depending on the Mac devices you use, there are different ways to take screenshots. Moreover, you can also share or edit these screenshots with the other MacBook or iMac users.

Did you buy a Mac device? It’s easy to capture the Mac screen, and the macOS device users only need to press a few keys to do that.

There are several screenshot apps compatible with these Apple products. Use them to capture the entire screen or section of the document. But before using them, ensure there is enough space on the Mac devices. Otherwise, you might face issues.

Restrictions on Taking Screenshots on the Mac Devices

Apple possesses certain restrictions while using the built-in screenshot app. Users can’t take screenshots or record the digital streaming platform’s contents. Thus, this app might not work on the Apple TV, DVD Player or other macOS apps.

A warning message pops up when you try to capture these online sites’ screens. Though, many third-party apps are available to take screenshots of these restricted platforms. But, don’t use them, as it can increase the device’s security risk.

4 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on Mac

Before using the keyboard shortcuts to capture screenshots, check the Mac’s OS. Because these key combos will only work on the devices which use macOS Mojave. Then, update the Mac software beforehand to avoid issues while taking screenshots.

Have you updated the Mac device’s software before? If no, go to the Apple menu, click “System Preferences”, and choose “Software Update”. Click “Upgrade Now” to install the latest OS for the Mac devices. Once done, use these commands to capture or record the Mac screen:

Using the Command, Shift and 5 Keys

Apple first introduced this shortcut command in macOS Mojave in 2018. This key combination opens a small panel with different screen capture options. Besides, it displays three screenshot buttons on Mac’s display. You can either capture the entire screen, a window or a selected part of the screen using it.

Hold the Command, Shift and 5 keys together and wait until the screenshot menu. Tap on the video-recording button to record the entire or selected part. Click the “Options” button to save the screenshot on the macOS apps. These include Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages and Preview.

Set the time to 5-10 seconds immediately. Otherwise, the screenshot might disappear from the MacBook or iMac screen. Go to the “Show Floating Thumbnail” section to check the captured screenshot.

Turn off the “Preview” option if you don’t want to see the recorded videos or images. Additionally, you can choose to show the mouse pointer on the screenshots. Lastly, tap on the “X” button to close this screenshot panel.

Use the Shift, Command and 4 Key Combo

Mac users can use this keyboard shortcut to capture a specific screen area. Once you press the command, shift and 4 keys together, it trunks the cursor into a crosshair. And, then you need to drag that crosshair to select a part that you want to capture.

Release the mouse button or trackpad to take the final shot. Use the following options after pressing these three Mac keys:

Press & Release the Spacebar

It changes the crosshair into a camera icon which you can move to an open window. Tap on the desired window to take a screenshot while holding and releasing the spacebar. A new window will appear with the screenshot that you captured recently. Click “Share” to send it to the required macOS apps immediately.

Press and hold the Spacebar

This lets you change the screenshot’s size and helps to reposition it on the screen. This screenshot option can be useful on pictures that have few pixels. Hold the space bar for a few seconds after releasing the mouse button to snap a screenshot.

Don’t release the spacebar. Otherwise, repositioning the selected screen area might be difficult

Hold the Shift Key

After pressing the Command, Shift and 4 keys, press “Shift” to lock each side of the selected screen area. Besides, it lets you move the cursor up or down to position the captured screenshot.

Failed to take a screenshot? This occurs for releasing the mouse button before releasing the Shift key.

You should also never release the mouse and the Shift button together, and it will prevent you from taking screenshots on Mac devices.

Do you want to move the screenshot from the bottom to the right edge? Hold the mouse button or touchpad and the Shift key to do that.

Press and hold the Command, Shift, 6 Keys

Do you use the 16-inch MacBook Pro? Does the Mac device have a Touch bar? Hit Command, Shift and 6 keys together to take screenshots of what’s showing on the touch bar. And, if you want to capture the entire screen, press Command, Shift and 3 keys instead.

Take Screenshots using the Touch Bar

Mac device users can still take screenshots if the keyboard stops working. This screen capturing method will only work on Mac devices with touch bars. Create a dedicated button for taking screenshots and place them to save them.

First, open the “System Preferences” section, and select “Keyboard”. Tap on “Customize Control Strip” when the next window appears. Select the screenshot button’s location on the Touch Bar.

Drag and drop it there and click “Apply” to save the changes. Now, open a file, choose the screenshot button and select the screen capturing option. Tap on “Save To” to restore the screenshot in the desired location.

How to Take Screenshot on Mac with the Preview app?

Mac device users can also use “Preview” to capture a window, entire screen or selected areas. This screenshot tool automatically opens the screenshot on the preview window. And, this makes it easier to edit, resize or add annotations on the screenshots.

Click “File”, select “Take Screenshot”, and choose the screen area you want to capture. Save the screenshot and share that in the messaging platforms or email easily. Contact the MacBook Repair India experts if you are facing issues to take a screenshot.

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