How to Replace MacBook Screen? (In 10 Minutes)

How to Replace Macbook Screen

How to Replace MacBook Screen? (In 10 Minutes)

Laptop users might often have to replace their device’s screens under various circumstances. And, that includes situations where the screen is damaged or simply not working. The manufacturer can usually provide you with a new screen in such cases. In the case of a MacBook, you can also get a new screen under the Apple Care plan.

Wondering how to replace Macbook screen? Then, there are various ways to proceed with that. Moreover, you do not always have to approach a professional for this task. Follow the information given below to know how and when to replace your Macbook’s screen.

Replace the Screen Under Warranty

Is your Macbook still within its warranty period? If yes, then you might not want to proceed with a screen replacement all by yourself. After all, that will void the warranty, and you would not be able to benefit from it. So, you might want to reach out to the manufacturer for a screen replacement in such situations.

Have you bought the Apple Care plan for your Macbook? Then, you should reach out to Apple as soon as possible for a screen replacement. But, what if your device has crossed the warranty and you do not have Apple Cares? In that case, you can approach a professional repair service. Alternatively, you can accomplish the screen replacement all by yourself if you prefer so.

Replace the Screen By Yourself

Do you want to proceed with the screen replacement yourself? Then, you must get the replacement screen and the tools required for the task ready. Also, get a good-quality replacement to ensure a long-lasting solution. Proceed with the following steps to replace the screens once you are ready:

Gather the Requirements and Find a Spot

Apart from the Macbook and replacement screen, you need to arrange for a hairdryer, screwdriver and suction cup. If required, you must also get a screen cleaning cloth before proceeding with the task. Also, find a suitable spot where you will proceed with the screen replacement.

Proceed with the next step once you have gathered all the materials you need.

Remove the Battery

Many experts suggest that you must remove the battery before proceeding with a screen replacement. So, you might want to do that before you proceed. Use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screws of the bottom panel. Detach the battery from the device, and then proceed with removing the existing screen.

Warm the Screen’s Edges to Loosen the Adhesive

You need to remove the adhesive tape first to remove the screen. And, that is much easier when you heat it. Using a hairdryer will ensure that you do not overheat the adhesive. So, you must only use a hairdryer for this task. Heat the edges of the screen, and then remove the bezel gently with the suction cup.

The adhesive might often cool down while you are removing the bezel. In such cases, you can simply keep heating the adhesive mildly with the hairdryer. You can remove the screen once you have removed the bezel.

Detach the Screen and Disconnect it from the Connector

You would find six screws securing the screen to its position in your Macbook. Unscrew them with a flathead driver to remove the screen. Detach the screen from the back cover gently and lift it slowly. Remove the tape securing the connector and unlock the connector.

Pull out the video cable from the connector, and you can then remove the screen from the device. You must then clean up the new screen and prepare to place it in the Macbook.

Place the New Screen

Position the new screen and connect the video cable to it. Lock the connector and put back the tape for securing it back on. Fix the screen to its place with the screws, and then check whether it is working. Install the bezel around the new screen after removing the protective film once it is functional.

When Should You Replace Your Macbook’s Screen?

You might face a wide range of issues with your Macbook’s screen. But, you need not necessarily replace the screen in all such cases.

Here are certain specific issues for which you might need to replace your Macbook’s screen:

Cracked Screen

Physical damages may or may not affect the screen’s functionality significantly. Regardless, you might want to get a new screen as soon as possible in such situations. After all, cracks on the screen would surely affect the visual experience of your Macbook. You can proceed with the aforementioned steps to replace the screen in such cases.

Dead Pixels

Are there too many dead pixels on your Macbook’s screen? If not, then you might not have to replace it yet. Most repair services can fix the dead pixel problem in such cases. But, in case of too many dead pixels, you should replace your Macbook’s screen. 

Blank Screen

Do you repeatedly get a blank screen when you turn on your Macbook? Then, this issue probably has something to do with the display. You must consider all the possible causes and apply appropriate solutions to fix the problem. And, if nothing else works, replacing the screen might do the trick. 

White Screen

This issue is similar to the blank screen, the only difference being the colour of the screen. So, you might need to replace that screen to be able to use your Macbook. But, you must verify the cause of the problem before doing that. 

Dim Screen

Has your display started to look too dim? Then, you might not want to keep using your Macbook this way. Try changing the brightness settings and see if that fixes the issue. If it does not, then you need to go for a Macbook screen replacement.

Hire a Professional Screen Replacement Service

You might not always feel confident about proceeding with a screen replacement all by yourself. Apart from that, you might also not have the time for it. In such cases, you can simply contact Macbook Repair Near Me for that task.

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