How to Delete Forwards on MacBook Pro?

Delete Forwards on MacBook

How to Delete Forwards on MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro doesn’t have a forward delete button on its built-in keyboard. But, you can still delete the texts using certain keyboard shortcuts. The backspace keys serve the forward delete functionality in the latest MacBooks.

Or, you can keep the cursor on the lines that you want to remove from the paragraph. Unable to choose the required texts? Tap on the “Return” or “right Shift” key, click “Delete” to select that.

How can you forward delete texts if the backspace keys stop working? There is nothing to fret over, as there are other ways to do that.

But before that, you should uninstall the third-party keyboards from the device. Otherwise, it might cause hindrances while using the Mac keyboard. Besides, you might face issues to enable the forward-delete keyboard combinations.

Restart the device and follow this guide to know how to delete forwards on MacBook Pro:

Basic Differences between MacBook Pro’s Backspace and Delete Keys

Before using the shortcuts, you should know the difference between these two keys. Backspace deletes the characters that are on the cursor’s left. And, the delete key removes the texts that are right to the cursor.

Because these Mac keys serve the same purpose, the Backspace is more useful than the Delete key. It helps to delete everything you wrote on the document a few seconds ago. And, the Delete button helps MacBook Pro users edit a complete set of text.

Why is there no Forward Delete Key in the MacBook Pro?

Apple didn’t add this key to keep the Mac keyboard compact and easy to use. The larger the keyboard size is, the less portable the laptop will be. Apple excluded the forward delete button from the built-in keyboard to save space.

Moreover, the delete key tends to be used less than the Backspace key. This might be why the MacBook Pro doesn’t have a key to clear the forward texts.

Key Combinations to Delete Forwards on MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro has increased the user’s productivity and work efficiency. But, these devices might bring inconveniences when removing lines from emails. It takes an ample amount of time to delete texts using the Backspace and Delete keys.

And, you might even end up clearing up the important lines in this process. Enable the forward delete operation keys to increase the writing experience. Besides, these keyboard shortcuts will work on the apps that you use while working.

Now, let’s see which MacBook Pro keys can be used to remove the writing mistakes:

Function & Delete Keys

Not all MacBooks have the “Delete” key, but Apple included it in the latest MacBook Pro version. Find the Delete key and search for the Function (fn) key afterwards. Press “Delete” and “Fn” simultaneously to remove the unwanted paragraphs in seconds.

Control & D keys

Do you use an older MacBook Pro model? You might not find the Delete button there. Use the Control and D key combination in cases. It will be more convenient to use these keyboard shortcuts while deleting a text. So, place the cursor in the required paragraphs hold these two keys together to delete it.

Function, Option and Delete Keys

Do you want to forward delete a word? Use this key combo to do that. Find the option and Fn key located at the Macbook Pro’s bottom.

And, you can find the delete button at the end of the numeric keys. Press the three keys together and remove the world you have mistakenly entered.

Command and Delete Keys

The control and D or Fn and Delete keyboard shortcuts can’t remove an entire line and use the Command and the Delete keys instead. Keep the cursor behind the line you want to delete and hold these two keys together.

But, this key combination will only work on the MacBook Pro with a Delete key. If the laptop doesn’t have this key, use the other forward delete shortcuts.

Control and H Keys

This key allows you to delete the text that is behind the cursor. Open the document, place the cursor in the right place, and hold the Control and H keys simultaneously. Release these keys after a while, and the texts will be removed immediately. But, if the text is still there, you might have pressed the wrong keys. Check the forward delete keys once and repeat these steps for easy editing.

Option & Delete Keys

Do you use Microsoft Word or any Mac messaging apps? Use this keyboard shortcut to delete the inappropriate words from the document. Put the cursor behind the words, and hold the Option and the Delete keys together for a second.

But, the words might not be removed if any of these keys are broken. Replace the faulty MacBook Pro key for a hassle-free forward delete operation.

Failed to Use the Forward Delete Keys? Here’s How to Fix it

Sometimes, these key combinations might cause issues to delete texts. Usually, it occurs when the function keys are disabled. Enable the function keys to resolve this keyboard issue from Mac devices. Go to the “System Preferences” section choose “Keyboard” from the device list.

Select the required function keys and press Fn to re-enable it. Now, use the forward-delete keyboard shortcuts instead of the “Delete” or “Backspace” keys.


The content writers who use MacBook Pro should use these combinations. It might benefit students writing assignments. Further, increase the writing speed and accuracy using these forward keys. Lastly, connect with MacBook Repair India if this Apple product’s keys have stopped responding.

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