How to Connect MacBook Air to TV: A Complete Guide

How to Connect MacBook Air to TV

How to Connect MacBook Air to TV: A Complete Guide

A bigger screen makes everything clear and aesthetically pleasing, whether for your unlimited binge-watching or workspace needs. You can connect your MacBook Air to your TV and enjoy web browsing, streaming, and more seamlessly. It’s possible with MacBook Air models with a USB-C Thunderbolt 3, a Thunderbolt port, or a Mini DisplayPort.

How to connect MacBook Air to TVs? If you are a beginner, this guide will help you to understand and implement the process step by step. Apart from cable connections, you can rely on multiple wireless technologies to establish a connection between your MacBook Air and TV. Let’s get started with how you can connect your MacBook Air to your television in simple steps.

How to Connect MacBook Air to TV?

Broadly, you can classify the connection between your MacBook Air and TV in 2 categories. One is with the help of cables or wires. Another is with compatible wireless technologies. Let’s start with how to connect MacBook Air to TVs using cables.

Use the TV’s HDMI Port

First, check out the available video output port on your MacBook Air. A MacBook Air can have the following types of display ports:

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • USB-C
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • HDMI port

You might have to purchase an adapter cable depending on your MacBook Air’s display output port. For example, if your TV has an HDMI port and your Mac has a Mini DisplayPort, you will need a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter cable. Such adapter cables are available in all leading e-commerce stores. 

Steps to Connect Your MacBook Air to TV with Wires

However, you won’t need one if your MacBook Air has an HDMI port. How to connect MacBook Air to TV HDMI now? Once you have got the most suitable adapter cable, you can proceed with the following instructions:

  • Both your TV and MacBook Air should be turned off.
  • If your MacBook has any other port than HDMI, connect the adapter cable to your Mac computer. Ensure that you use the end that is not the HDMI port.
  • Connect the adapter cable’s HDMI end to your TV’s HDMI port. Otherwise, you can use a single HDMI cable to connect your MacBook Air and TV if both have HDMI ports.
  • After a proper connection, power on your TV. Then, migrate your TV’s source input to the HDMI port to which you have connected the MacBook Air. Press the Video, Source, or Input button to select the right source.
  • Now, come back to your MacBook and turn it on. Then, hit the Apple icon and choose System Preferences or System Settings.
  • Click on Displays and stay in the Displays tab.
  • Afterwards, hold down the Options and then choose Detect Display. This will help your MacBook Air to identify a connected display to it.
  • Next, check the box next to Scaled on the same window. You can make changes to the scaling of the video too.

Additionally, you can return to the System Preferences menu and click on Sound. Select the Output tab and click on your TV’s built-in speaker’s name for the audio output. On the other hand, you can connect external speakers to your MacBook Air via the headphone jack if you want to use different speakers than the TV.

Use an Apple TV (or AirPlay)

Apple TV makes streaming flawless when bridging the gap between your TV and MacBook Air. How to connect MacBook Air to TV with Apple TV? Here’s how:

  • Turn on your MacBook Air and Apple. Moreover, connect these two devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, hit the AirPlay icon from the menu bar on your MacBook Air.
  • You will notice a drop-down menu. Select your Apple TV’s name from there.
  • Additionally, you will see 3 more options under the same AirPlay menu, and they are:
    • Mirror TV: to reconfigure the TV’s resolution and ratio.
    • Mirror Built-In Display: to match the MacBook Air content according to your TV’s resolution and ratio.
    • Use As Separate Display: consider your TV as a second display.
  • After that, select the right option, and you have successfully connected your MacBook Air to the Apple TV.

How to disconnect MacBook Air from TV with AirPlay on? Go to your MacBook Air’s menu bar and click the AirPlay icon. Then, select Turn AirPlay Off. Alternatively, you can turn off the connection by pressing the Menu button on your Apple TV’s remote control.

Try Screen Mirroring

Do you own a smart TV but without an Apple TV? Then, the AirPlay option to connect your TV to the MacBook Air wirelessly won’t work. Instead, you have to use the Screen Mirroring option to enable wireless content streaming from your MacBook Air to the intended smart TV.

Let’s learn how to connect MacBook Air to TV wirelessly using Screen Mirroring:

  • Power on your MacBook Air and smart TV. Connect both devices to the same access point or wireless network.
  • On your Mac computer, click the Control Centre option from the menu bar.
  • Since your smart TV doesn’t support AirPlay, you must choose Screen Mirroring.
  • Next, you can notice a list of available devices that can be connected to your MacBook Air through Screen Mirroring.
  • Check whether your smart TV is on the list. Then, select the smart TV’s name to start the Screen Mirroring feature.
  • You might be prompted to enter a 4-digit code on your MacBook Air. The code pops up on the TV.

Enter the code, and you’re set to enjoy your MacBook Air content on your smart TV.

Cast Chrome Browser on Your TV from MacBook Air

If you have a Google Chromecast dongle or your TV has a built-in Chromecast facility, you can cast videos, files, and more from your MacBook Air to the TV. So, here’s how to connect MacBook Air to TV without HDMI and share the entire screen:

  • Turn on your MacBook Air and smart TV. Insert the Google Chromecast dongle into your TV if it doesn’t have the built-in facility.
  • Next, ensure that your TV is set to display Chromecast streams.
  • Connect your MacBook Air to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV or Chromecast dongle.
  • Now, explore the Google Chrome application on your MacBook, and it’s essential for the method to work.
  • After that, spot the Chromecast icon from the upper right corner of the browser window.
  • Then, choose Sources, followed by Cast Desktop.
  • Furthermore, choose the TV that you want to connect to your Mac.
  • Opt for Share when a pop-up menu appears.

Now, you can cast your MacBook Air screen directly to your TV through Chromecast. This method will let you play audio, video, etc., and you can enjoy it on your TV. Go to the Chromecast tab in the Chrome browser and then hit the blue icon next to your TV to interrupt the connection.

Can You Cast a Single Tab or File Using Chromecast?

Yes, it’s possible to cast a single Chrome Tab or file on your TV from MacBook Air. Since you know how to connect MacBook Air to TV through Chromecast, here’s what you can do to cast a single Chrome tab:

  • Turn on your smart TV and MacBook Air. Next, connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that your TV is set to Chromecast.
  • Now, go back to your MacBook Air and open Chrome. Click on the Chromecast icon, and all available devices will show up.
  • After that, hit the Sources drop-down menu and chooseCast Tab from there.
  • Then, you need to locate the TV name to which you want to connect your Mac. Click on the TV’s name after that.

This should let you access a definite tab on your TV screen from the MacBook Air. You use a similar method to cast a particular file on your TV. Check out how you can watch a film using Chromecast on TV from MacBook Air:

  • Set up your MacBook Air and TV and connect them to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, access the Chromecast settings on your TV.
  • Then, explore Chrome on your Mac device.
  • Select Chromecast from the Chrome window, and a Cast tab will appear, including all the available devices.
  • Additionally, there’s a Sources menu, and you need to click on it.
  • Choose the Cas File option.
  • Afterwards, select the TV from the list.

A file picker will show up, and you need to use it to select the intended audio or video file.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to learn how to connect MacBook Air to TVs as long as you know the tools and technologies you need. For an unfailing connection, you can try a wired connection. You can contact Macbook Repair India if you face issues connecting your TV to any of your MacBooks. They offer reliable and guaranteed solutions at an affordable cost.

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