How to Clean Your Apple MacBook Air and Pro Laptop?

Clean Your Apple MacBook

How to Clean Your Apple MacBook Air and Pro Laptop?

Cleaning your MacBook Air or Pro is quite an easy task that you can accomplish all by yourself. All you need to do is arrange for the necessary equipment for the task. Once you have that, you can proceed with the cleanup whenever you are ready. Apart from that, you can also simply reach out to a professional laptop repair service for this task.

Do you prefer to clean up your MacBook all by yourself? Then, you might have the question “How to clean your Apple MacBook Air and Pro PC?” in mind.

In that case, the steps given below should be quite helpful to you. Follow them to achieve a clean MacBook within a fairly short time.

Steps to Clean Up Your MacBook Air and Pro

The cleaning steps are pretty much the same in all laptop models. So, you can use the same method for the MacBook Air and Pro.

Make sure to turn off your device before you start the cleaning process. Is your MacBook in Sleep mode? If yes, you must power it off until you are done with the cleaning.

Is your MacBook connected to a socket? Then, unplug it and proceed with the following steps:

Shake Off the Debris

You might find some dirt and debris on your MacBook’s surface. Shake them off in that case before you apply more complex cleaning methods.

Do you find dirt and debris sticking to your MacBook’s surface? Then, you can proceed to apply more advanced methods to clean them.

Clean the Surface of Your MacBook

You must take care not to scratch your MacBook’s surface while cleaning it. Use a soft or lint-free dampened cloth for this task. Wipe the surface gently until it is cleaned of all dirt and debris. The time required for this task might vary depending on how much cleaning is required.

Want to make cleaning the surface a more manageable task? Then, clean your MacBook regularly to have a low chance of dirt and debris accumulation. You can also consider using a laptop case to prevent getting the device dirty within very short periods.

Cleaning Your MacBook’s Screen

The screen is a crucial part that you must give proper attention to while cleaning. After all, a dirty screen can significantly affect your MacBook experience. Cleaning the screen works the same way as cleaning the keyboard.

Use a soft and dampened cloth to wipe this component very gently. Also, make sure that you do not end up scratching your MacBook’s screen.

You can also use a cleaning solution on the screen if you want to. But, you must not use one that contains acetone or hydrogen peroxide. Also, do not spray the solution directly on the screen as it can often damage the display. You must spray the solution on the cloth and then apply it on the screen instead.

Cleaning Your MacBook’s Keyboard

The keyboard might have a significant amount of dirt and stains on it. So, it might take some time and effort to clean it up effectively. You also have to clean under the keys to preventing the chance of becoming sticky. First, you must shake off any debris on the keyboard’s surface.

Once you have shaken off the debris, you might find stains on the keys. Before dealing with them, you must use a can of compressed air to remove dirt from under the keyboard. Hold the MacBook at a 75-degree angle while spraying the compressed air on it. This will prevent the dust from getting deeper inside the keyboard.

Spray the compressed air on the keyboard from different sides to drive out the dirt under it. Then, use a dampened soft cloth to wipe the stains from the keys. Use a cleaner without acetone or hydrogen peroxide, if required. You can also create a cleaning solution all by yourself without using these ingredients.

Cleaning the Trackpad and the Bottom of Your MacBook

Are there any stains on your trackpad? If yes, then you must avoid using cleaning solutions on them. Simply use a damp cloth to clean it, and then use a dry one to dry it immediately. As for the bottom of the MacBook, you must wipe this part thoroughly with only a dry cloth.

Clean Up Your MacBook’s System

Cleaning the screen, keyboard, and exterior of your Mac device is not always enough. And, you might have to clean up its system as well. Otherwise, it would not improve your MacBook experience much.

So, you must proceed with the following simple steps to clean your Mac system:

Clear Cache Files

Cache data can take up quite a lot of storage space on your Mac unless you clear them regularly. And, they might also cause quite a wide range of issues with your device. You can delete cache files from the Library, Finder, or programs such as CleanMyMac X. And, that can help you significantly improve your Mac’s performance in many cases.

Clear the Trash

The Trash is a useful feature that often helps you retrieve unintentionally deleted files. But, you might have to clear the trash to deal with the shortage of storage space in many cases.

Especially so, if you have not done that for a long time. Open the Trash and delete the files you do not need to avoid issues caused by storage shortage.

Get Rid of Useless Apps

Are there any apps on your MacBook that you have not used for a long time? Then, you must consider uninstalling them to free up some space on your storage. This step can also help you reduce the RAM usage on your device.

Get a Professional MacBook Pro & Air Cleaning Service

Certain cleaning tasks for your laptop might require professional assistance. In such cases, you must hire a professional MacBook Repair Service in India. They can help you resolve complicated cleaning tasks on your Mac.

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