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How to Clean MacBook Screen at Home: A Complete Care Guide

How to Clean MacBook Screen at Home: A Complete Care Guide

How to Clean MacBook Screen at Home

How to Clean MacBook Screen at Home: A Complete Care Guide

MacBooks are one of your high-end purchases. No matter how hard you try, you can notice smudges, fingerprints, and dust on your MacBook screen. Maintaining the best screen condition and top-quality picture quality on your MacBook might be challenging due to these hiccups.

So, how to clean MacBook screen at home? You can apply some tried and tested cleaning procedures for your MacBook screen and keep it away from getting such smudges, dust particles, and more. After all, dust particles can trigger random scratches, and the anti-glare coating of your MacBook screen might start wearing off.

Hence, learning how to clean MacBook screen from fingerprints and dirt is essential. Thus, go through this guide and keep your MacBook screen shining for an extended period.

How to Clean MacBook Screen Properly?

Make sure that you stay away from using any type of abrasive materials when it comes to how to clean MacBook screen at home. Apple has mentioned on their website that you should not use the following things or any cleaner containing the specified chemicals below for cleaning your MacBook screen:

  • Aerosol sprays
  • Window cleaners
  • Solvents
  • Household cleaners
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Acetone etc

Additionally, it’s recommended not to use abrasive clothes to clean your MacBook screen. For example, you can’t use paper towels, towels, or anything with lint. Here’s what Apple suggests regarding how you can clean your Mac screen:

Shut down Your MacBook and Pull out its Adapter

Start by powering off your MacBook and disconnecting its power adapter from it. Additionally, remove other peripheral devices as well. It’s important to disconnect your MacBook from power as you have to use a damp cloth later to clean the screen. If you don’t want to use a damp cloth to clean the MacBook screen, then it’s not essential to disconnect the power.

However, experts still advise disconnecting the power since the dry cloth and the MacBook screen can can still produce some friction. And, it might harm the adapter if you keep your Mac connected to the power source. 

On the other hand, you should clean your MacBook’s keyboard and other parts, too. Or else there will be no point in cleaning the MacBook screen. This is because it can easily catch dirt and dust from the keyboard and surroundings.

Buff and Polish the MacBook Screen

How to clean MacBook screen at home? Get a microfibre cloth that is neat and clean. Now, start polishing the screen with this microfibre cloth. Use small and gentle circular motions to polish and buff the screen. Also, keep consistent pressure but ensure it isn’t too much.

Ensure that you choose soft microfibre cloth such as one used for cleaning spectacles. However, any soft and lint-free cloth should do the trick. Remember, you shouldn’t use any abrasive or static-resistant cloth, such as paper and dish towels.

What would polish and buff do for your MacBook screen? They will remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust from your Mac screen. The results might take time to be visible. Hence, keep patience and buff your Mac screen with light pressure. 

You must hold your device by its keyboard or top edge, and this will restrict you from re-smudging the Mac screen accidentally.

Wipe Your Mac Screen

How to clean your MacBook screen after polishing? Dry buffing is not be sufficient to clean your MacBook screen entirely. Therefore, you can opt for the Apple-suggested cleaning regime for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Lay the Mac screen on its back. This will prevent any liquid from seeping into the openings of the edges. Additionally, your Mac keyboard will remain safe, and water won’t seep into internal components such as the motherboard.

Now, you need to dampen a soft and clean microfibre cloth. Remember that you can’t directly spray water or any cleaning solution on the MacBook screen. Otherwise, water can seep into the device’s internals and cause severe damage. Additionally, the cloth should be damp, not soakingly wet.

If you feel you have soaked the cloth too much,, wring out the excess water. For best results, spray some water on the cloth and partially damp it. Moreover, use distilled water instead of regular tap water.

Once you have prepped up the microfibre cloth for wiping your MacBook screen, you can proceed to the next step. Start wiping your Mac screen from a particular corner. Keep your wiping motion circular, small, and gentle like you did while buffing and polishing. 

Meanwhile, hold your Mac screen firmly. You might have to repeat the same process and motion a few times to get a streak-free screen. In addition, you can’t leave your screen just like that after wiping. Therefore, you must follow up with drying your screen with a dry microfibre cloth.

Use Dedicated Cleaners

Apart from trusting a dry and wet cleaning of your MacBook screen, you can also opt for a specific cleaning solution. Just ensure the cleaning solution doesn’t contain any abrasive materials while purchasing it. We have already mentioned those materials before.

Now, you can prep up your MacBook screen for cleaning. Lay the screen on its back. Then, spray some cleaning solution on a soft, lint-free, and clean cloth. Ensure that the cloth should not soakingly wet with the solution. Additionally, don’t directly spray the cleanser on the Mac screen. How to clean MacBook screen at home with a cleanser?

The cloth should not squeeze any liquid even if you wring it out. Next, wipe your Mac screen with a damp cloth. Use the same circular and small motions to clean your MacBook screen. Don’t apply too much force on the screen.

However, you can skip wiping with water if you use a dedicated cleaning solution for your MacBook. If you own an iMac with a nano-texture glass display,, you should only use the provided polishing cloth for cleaning. On top of that, don’t leave your MacBook screen after wiping it with a specific cleansing solution.

Instead, use another dry, soft, and lint-free cloth to dry the screen. Work with the dry cloth from side to side or top to bottom, whichever suits you. Additionally, you can repeat wiping and cleaning the MacBook screen with a cleaner unless the display appears sufficiently clean and smudge-free.

How to Clean MacBook Screen at Home: Another Alternative

If you are looking for how to clean MacBook screen at home with a single product, then this one’s for you. Use electronic wipes to clean your MacBook screen and eliminate every smudge, fingerprint, dust particle, and more.

Just purchase a specially formulated electronic wipe suitable for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air model. According to Apple, the following wipes are OK for sanitising hard and non-porous surfaces of any MacBook:

  • 75% ethyl alcohol wipe
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or so on

However, the wipes should not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or any type of bleaching agent. Once you are sure about your electronic wipe purchase, you can continue with the following steps:

  • Turn off your Mac device and disconnect power from it.
  • After that, open the lid and lay the display on its back.
  • Take an electronic wipe and start wiping across the display. Use small circular motions. In addition, keep a light yet even pressure while wiping the surface.
  • Now, work from side to side to complete the entire cleaning of the MacBook screen.
  • Let the screen dry.

How Can You Clean Other Parts of Your MacBook?

You have seen how to clean MacBook screen at home efficiently. However, your MacBook requires a full cleaning, not just a dedicated screen cleaning. Here’s what you can go through to clean your MacBook entirely:

  • Shut down your MacBook and unplug it from its power source.
  • Next, grab a soft optical microfibre cloth to clean the MacBook exterior along with its keyboard.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth for a cleaner look. However, moisture should not seep into the openings at the edges of your MacBook. In addition, you can’t spray water or any type of cleaner directly on your MacBook’s keyboard, exterior, etc.
  • Afterwards, follow up by drying your MacBook with another dry and lint-free soft cloth.

Call Macbook Repair India for Further Assistance and Fix

You may have encountered a stubborn scuff or stain on your MacBook screen while cleaning. Your MacBook’s anti-glare coating might be wearing off if it’s a Retina display. Only an expert can help you to restore your Mac’s picture quality and your overall experience.

Hence, contact Macbook Repair India for MacBook screen cleaning, display repair, and replacement. They will examine your Mac device closely and devise the right fix to restore your Mac screen. You can call them for unbelievable deals and accuracy even if your Mac is out of warranty.

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