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How to Check Battery Health in MacBook Air in 2023: 2 Best Ways

How to Check Battery Health in MacBook Air in 2023: 2 Best Ways

Check Battery Health in MacBook Air

How to Check Battery Health in MacBook Air in 2023: 2 Best Ways

Using your MacBook Air with a faulty or dead battery can be challenging. So, you must learn how to check battery health in MacBook Air beforehand to determine its condition. Even though Mac batteries can last up to 3-4 years, consistent usage or overheating can damage them.

Apple lets you check your MacBook Air’s existing battery condition in 2 easy ways. Users can do it by accessing the Apple menu or the battery icon. Your Mac laptop will show you a warning message in the Battery Health window if its internal battery is on the verge of being damaged.

Is your MacBook Air turning off shortly after charging it? It indicates that the battery is damaged and needs immediate replacement. However, check the Apple menu’s battery status before taking action.

Here are the quickest ways to detect your MacBook Air’s battery health:

How to Check Battery Health in MacBook Air via Battery Icon?

Checking the battery health on MacBook Air is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is locate the battery icon in the status bar, and your Mac laptop will show you its current condition. Here is how you can determine the Intel or Apple silicon-based MacBook Air’s battery status:

Access the Battery Preferences window

Tap on the battery icon from the top-right corner of your MacBook Air screen. Select “Battery Preferences” when the drop-down menu opens.

Locate the Battery Health option.

Click “Battery” from the left sidebar when the new window appears. Scroll down to the next page and navigate to “Battery Health”. Alternatively, you can write “battery” to locate the battery health option.

Check your Mac laptop’s Battery Condition

Head towards “Battery Condition” from the next window, and you will see any of these four options – Normal, Replace Now, Service Battery or Replace Now. Now, let’s learn the meaning of these 4 Mac battery statuses:


Did you see “Normal” next to the Battery Condition option? It indicates your MacBook Air is in good condition and operating normally. 

Replace Now

Your MacBook displays the “Replace Now” message when the battery condition degrades. As a result, you will encounter slow charging issues. The laptop battery will work fine, but you will notice a significant difference in how long it will last.

Your MacBook Air might drain the battery quickly even after a full charge. Now, you must consider replacing the existing built-in battery with a new one.

Replace Soon

If you receive the Replace Soon message, it’s time to take prompt action. It indicates that the Mac device’s internal battery is having difficulty holding a sufficient charge. So, you might have to charge your MacBook Air within 6-7 hours. 

It’s important to mention that Mac laptop batteries become less effective as they age. Thus, if you have used the MacBook Air for 4+ years, consider replacing its battery. 

The “Replace Soon” message doesn’t mean the battery is faulty. However, changing the old battery with a new one will improve your MacBook’s performance.

Service Battery

If your Mac laptop’s battery status says “Service Battery”, then it indicates something is wrong with the battery. There is a high chance that the internal Mac battery is damaged. Thus, turn off your MacBook Air and look for signs of wear and tear. You must replace the battery as soon as possible if it has structural damage.

Check your MacBook Air’s Battery Cycle Count

You don’t need to check the MacBook Air’s battery cycle count if the battery status is “Normal” or “Replace Soon”. However, if it says “Service Battery”, you must click on the Apple icon from the menu bar and tap “System Information”.

Scroll down to “Power” from the Hardware tab to learn more about your Mac device’s battery health. Head to “Health Information” on the next window and look for the Cycle Count option. 

Do you use a MacBook Air released in 2010 or later? Check if the battery cycle count is 1000. If yes, then the battery has worn out and needs replacement. However, the maximum cycle count on MacBook Air (2009) and MacBook Air (2008) respectively will be 500 and 300. 

How to Check Battery Health in MacBook Air from the Apple Menu?

MacBook Air users can check the battery status by accessing the Apple menu. If the laptop is taking an ample amount of time to fully charge or not charging at all, use this method to determine if the battery is working fine. 

Here is how you can detect the existing MacBook battery condition through the Apple menu:

Tap on your Mac laptop’s Apple logo

Locate the Apple logo from your MacBook Air’s top-left corner. Click on it and select “System Preferences” when the pop-up menu appears. You will find the “System Settings” option instead of “System Preferences” on MacBook Air with macOS Ventura or above.

Go to the Battery tab

Locate the search box when the System Preferences window opens and write “Battery”. Select “Battery” from the searched results and choose “Battery” again when the next window appears. 

Check your MacBook Air’s Battery Health

Click “Battery Health” and head to “Battery Condition” to check if it is working properly or needs to be replaced. If your MacBook Air is showing a black screen, there is a high chance the battery is dead. Buy a new internal battery for the Mac laptop and install it to restore its functionality.

3 Signs that indicate the MacBook Air Needs a New Battery

Most people don’t know when to replace a MacBook Air’s built-in lithium-ion polymer battery. Well, let us clarify that some indicators let you know it’s time to change the existing battery with a new one.

Battery service warning is not the only sign that tells you your MacBook Air’s battery needs replacement. Here are the other telltale signs that you must look out for when the laptop starts to generate battery issues:

Unexpected laptop shutdowns

Your MacBook Air can turn off unexpectedly while working on some important client project. Usually, it occurs when the battery fails to hold the charge – that’s a clear sign that it needs replacement. 

However, your MacBook can turn itself off due to other reasons like overheating. So, you must determine the source of the issue before replacing the battery. Close all the background apps and stop using the laptop for at least 10-12 minutes. If that solves the issue, the problem only lies in Mac’s built-in battery.

MacBook Air isn’t Turning on

Is your Mac laptop not turning on even after pressing the power button repeatedly? It could happen for two possible reasons – a dead battery and insufficient charge. Thus, you must first connect the power adapter to the MacBook Air.

Charge the Mac device for an hour, disconnect the power adapter and try to turn it on. If the Mac laptop is still showing a blank screen, something is wrong with its internal battery. Without replacing the MacBook Air battery, you can’t power it on.


Your MacBook Air will overheat when streaming high-definition videos or playing intensive AAA title games. However, it generates excessive heat when editing audio or documents, and it has a malfunctioned battery. So, replace the battery to fix the overheating issue in your MacBook Air.

Can You Replace MacBook Air’s Built-in Battery?

Replacing a MacBook battery by yourself can save the costly expenses and the time of booking a service. However, you must get a quality-ensured battery for the laptop. Otherwise, you might encounter incompatibility issues after the Mac battery installation.

Besides, a low-quality battery will fail to hold a sufficient charge for the device. It may also cause a fire when your MacBook starts to overheat. So, buy a new battery from an authorised MacBook shop to avoid these problems.

Do you have a MacBook Air released in late 2008 or Mid-2009? Remove the bottom case using a flat-head screwdriver and unscrew the battery. Unplug the laptop’s internal battery from the connector and finally remove it. 

Install the new battery in its right alignment, mount all the screws and close the laptop case. Turn on your MacBook Air by pressing its power button and use it without experiencing any battery issues.

The battery replacement procedure is the same for MacBook Air models released in early 2015, mid-2-13 or early 2014. Besides, you must follow the same steps to replace the MacBook Air (2017) or MacBook Air (2018-2019) model. However, you might need an expert’s help to replace the battery from your MacBook Air (2020 or later). 

Replace the Faulty MacBook Battery from the Best Service Provider

If you lack technical knowledge or expertise, don’t try to replace the damaged Mac battery with D-I-Y hacks. Connect with MacBook Repair India technicians instead for an immediate battery replacement. 

They have joined hands with the top-rated MacBook Air repair experts who can replace every battery with precision. So, contact their professional and install a new internal battery for your laptop in minutes. 

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