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How to Charge MacBook Pro: A Beginner’s Guide in 2023

How to Charge MacBook Pro: A Beginner’s Guide in 2023

How to Charge MacBook Pro

How to Charge MacBook Pro: A Beginner’s Guide in 2023

Apple’s MacBook Pro can last up to 17-18 hours on a single charge, depending on its processor. The latest Mac laptops with Apple silicon chips offer better battery longevity than the Intel-powered ones. 

Do you have less than a 25% charge on your MacBook Pro? Learn how to charge MacBook Pro correctly with MagSafe 3 and USB-C cable. However, you must check which type of charging port your Mac laptop has. Based on that, you can use the USB-C or MagSafe 3 cable for super-fast charging.

Moreover, users can carry their MacBook Pro’s MagSafe charger anywhere while travelling. But, what if the charging cable is misplaced or broken? That’s when you wonder whether you can charge the Mac laptop without a charger. 

You can charge the MacBook Pro without a MagSafe or USB cable. This guide will focus on how to charge the Mac laptop battery with and without a charger.

How to Charge MacBook Pro with a MagSafe 3 Charger?

Apple included the MagSafe 3 port in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro introduced in 2021 or later. You can use the USB-C to MagSage 3 cable to charge these newer MacBook Pro models. 

Plug in one end of the USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable to your Mac laptop’s MagSafe 3 port and the other to the MagSafe charger. Ensure to connect the power adapter to an electrical outlet. 

The battery status indicator on the connector will glow green if the MacBook Pro battery is fully charged. You will see an amber light on the charger when the battery is charging. 

However, the MagSafe 3 charger’s indicator light might sometimes flash amber repeatedly. 

Try the following solutions to fix this charging issue from your M1 or M2-powered MacBook Pro:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the MagSafe charger from the power outlet.
  • Ensure no dust or dirt buildup is inside your MacBook Pro’s charging port.
  • Unplug the USB-C to MagSage 3 cable from your Mac laptop and charger and plug it back in after 2-3 minutes.
  • Restart your MacBook Pro and try charging its battery using the power adapter.

How long does it take to charge a MacBook Pro with a MagSafe charger?

If your MacBook Pro has a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable and a 140W adapter, the battery can be fully charged within an hour. The MagSafe charger can charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro from 0-50% in about 30 minutes.

Do you have a 14-inch MacBook Pro? You can fast charge the device up to 50 per cent within 30-35 minutes with a MagSafe 3 cable and the adapter. Ensure the charging cable has no sign of damage and is connected securely if the laptop is taking forever to charge.

How to Charge MacBook Pro with a USB-C charge cable?

You can charge your MacBook Pro with a USB-C cable or power adapter if it has USB-C ports. Additionally, you can connect the Apple device to the Thunderbolt display that provides power to the battery. 

Remember that your MacBook Pro can charge the internal battery only through one USB-C port. Thus, connecting multiple USB-C chargers in its ports won’t result in faster laptop charging.

Connecting a charger and a display to the MacBook Pro’s port will charge only 1 power source. However, you can only charge the MacBook Pro introduced in 2016 or later using a compatible USB-C cable.

Here is how you can charge your MacBook Pro with a USB-C cable:

  • Connect one USB-C cable to your 13-inch MacBook Pro’s USB-C or Thunderbolt port and the other to the power adapter.
  • Ensure the power adapter is securely connected to the wall outlet and the switch is on.
  • Go to the Mac laptop’s menu bar and check if the battery is charging.

Can you use any USB-C cable to charge your MacBook Pro?

Any USB-C charging cable can be used to charge your new MacBook Pro. However, charging the device with an Apple-certified charger is highly recommended by experts. Otherwise, you might experience slow charging when using third-party MacBook chargers.

How to Charge the Older MacBook Pro models?

MacBook Pro models released before 2016 use Apple’s proprietary magnetic cable for charging. The best part about this charging cable is it automatically snaps into place when you put it near the laptop’s port. 

Should you use your new MacBook Pro while charging?

Most users tend to think that using their MacBook Pro while charging can damage the battery. Some also avoid working on their laptops after plugging them into the charger to extend longevity. But, you don’t have to always do that.

According to Apple, using a Mac laptop while charging its built-in battery is absolutely fine. You can charge the device and multitask without worrying about hardware damage.

Moreover, the latest MacBook Pro models come with durable lithium-polymer batteries. Apple integrated safety features in these batteries to stop the device from overcharging. 

Factors you must consider while charging your MacBook Pro

The temperature around the Mac laptop should be 16 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius while charging. Avoid charging the MacBook Pro at extreme ambient temperatures, leading to unwanted battery damage.

Besides, your MacBook Pro can generate excessive heat while charging when using a laptop case. Hence, remove the case before charging to fix the overheating issues. It will also help you to keep the Mac laptop’s battery in top-notch condition.

Don’t let your MacBook Pro battery drop below 20%. If your laptop displays a low battery level warning message, consider connecting it to the charger immediately. Doing this will help you to extend the 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro’s battery life.

Lastly, you must enable the Mac laptop’s Battery Health Management. It is a built-in feature that helps users to maintain their device’s battery health. This Mac feature maximises the battery performance by pausing the laptop charging in extreme temperatures.

How to enable the Battery Health Management feature on your MacBook Pro?

Battery Health Management is enabled on MacBook Pro with macOS 10.15.5 or later. However, if you have an Intel-powered Mac laptop, you must follow these steps to enable it:

  • Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down list.
  • Go to “Battery” from the side panel and navigate to “Battery Health”.
  • Select “Manage battery longevity” and tap “OK” to enable it.

Where is the Charging port in a MacBook Pro?

The charging port in older and newer MacBook Pros is in different locations. Hence, you must check where the port is before charging it via the MagSafe 3 or USB-C power adapter. 

Do you have a 13-inch MacBook Pro released before 2016? You will find a square-shaped charging port on its right side. However, two charging ports are located on the left side of the latest MacBook Pro models. 

Is it Safe to charge the newer MacBook Pro from the Left-Hand side?

Most MacBook users are unaware that left-hand side charging can lead to overheating and system crashes. Forbes reported that MacBook Pro detects a heat spike when connecting the charging cable from right to left-hand ports.

Besides, the kernel_task process stops working, triggering high processor usage. Your MacBook Pro’s cooling fan also generates a loud noise while spinning. However, the laptop stops overheating when the power adapter is moved from the left-hand to right-hand ports.

Not all MacBook Pros will cause issues when charging via left-hand side ports. The new 16-inch M2-powered MacBook Pro users mostly experience this issue. You can fix it by immediately switching to the opposite side ports. Take an expert’s help if the MacBook Pro’s charging issue persists.

Can you Charge your MacBook Pro without an Apple-certified Power Adapter?

Your MacBook Pro’s internal battery can be charged with a power bank when the power adapter stops functioning. However, ensure the power bank is compatible with the Mac laptop before charging. 

Don’t forget to check the power bank’s voltage and ensure it supports the USB-C port. So how to charge MacBook Pros with a power bank? Simply connect the laptop and power bank with a USB cable and converter. Your MacBook Pro will start charging the built-in battery right away.

MacBook Pro not Charging? Easy Troubleshooting Tips You Must Try

A minor glitch in the software can trigger the charging issue in your MacBook Pro. Restarting the Apple device can help you to eliminate the problem. Additionally, you must close all the high-performance apps while charging. Otherwise, the laptop will overheat and lead to charging issues. 

A defective cable or incompatible power adapter can prevent your Mac laptop from charging. Besides, battery malfunctions and damaged charging ports are other reasons behind such an occurrence. 

If you detect any sign of wear and tear in these laptop units, connect with MacBook Repair India experts for instant recovery. Their technicians will check the existing battery’s condition and replace it with a new one if required.

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