How to Change the Name of Your Mac: The Ultimate Guide

Change the Name of Your Mac

How to Change the Name of Your Mac: The Ultimate Guide

Changing the Mac name is important when using AirDrop or Bluetooth devices. Otherwise, finding the right Mac devices might be difficult. There might be devices with the same Mac name on the local network. So, reset the default Mac laptop name to overcome these problems.

Provide a unique username for the MacBook or iMac. Don’t add the model number in the Mac name. Combine letters and numbers to identify the device’s username easily. Moreover, setting the Mac name is pretty easy and takes less than a minute.

There are different ways to change the macOS device’s name. But, these are limited to 13-inch Macbook Pro and macOS Big Sur users.

Did you buy a MacBook recently? Follow this guide to know how to change the Mac name.

Why Should You Change the Mac Name?

There are several reasons to change the Mac device’s username. If you use the mac name as “computer” or “laptop”, replace it with a new name.

Did you buy the iMac from any of your friends or colleagues? You might find their name on the mac’s default username section, and you should set an easy-to-read name in certain circumstances.

Changing the Mac name becomes essential while transferring files on AirDrop. Or else, the receivers can confuse who is sending files or where to share them. Enter your name, and then the device name, so that other Mac users can identify the device.

Besides, the username displays on Mac’s main file section. Having an easy Mac name will help you find the required files on time. Access the Terminal app without the hassle by writing the username on the login screen. Thus, change the Mac name to use the MacBook or iMac more conveniently.

Sometimes, the home router might generate issues when multiple devices are connected. You would most likely check which devices are using Wi-Fi at that time. Disconnecting the unwanted devices resolves this connectivity issue.

But, if you don’t know the username, you might not recognise your Mac device. And, you will end up losing internet access on Mac. Change the default username immediately to avoid getting an unwanted network problem.

Steps on How to Change the Mac Device

Did you reset Mac’s network settings? The network name might have changed to “MacBook Pro ” “MacBook Air” or “iMac”. Don’t keep the username and the Wi-Fi the same. Change either the network or Mac name to connect to the compatible devices.

Moreover, the Mac name shows on the iCloud account. And, you can’t change the name from the iCloud; instead, open the laptop settings to do that. Turn on the Mac device, go to the Apple menu and follow the steps below:

Open the System Preferences

There are different ways to open “System Preferences” on Mac. You can tap on the “Settings” icon or click the “Apple” logo to access that. Further, the Mac users can write “System Preferences” on the search box. Press the “Enter” key to open the System Preferences window.

Choose the Sharing App

Now, scroll down to the System Preferences window to locate “Sharing”. Double-tap on that and wait until the next window app appears.

Didn’t get the Sharing application? Restart the Mac device immediately, open the System Preferences tab and check if you can find it.

Change the Username

Go to the “Computer Name” section, click “Edit” to remove the existing username. Write the new Mac name, and move towards the “File Sharing” option. Toggle on this option, and head towards the “Service” section afterwards. Select the required sharing options, choose “Apply” and close the “Sharing” window.

How to Set a New Mac Username from Terminal?

Well, you can also use the Terminal app to rename the Mac. First, open the launchpad, write “trmnl” and choose “Terminal” from the searched results. Or, you can open the “Finder” menu, click “Applications “to open the Terminal window.

Now, write “sudo scutil – – set ComputerName YourNewComputerName”. Write the existing Mac name in the “computername” section. And, write the new username in the “YourNewComputer” field. Hit the “Enter” button and enter the Mac password when prompted.

Use quotation marks if you want to set a computer name with spaces. Do you want to rename the username as “My MacBook Pro 13”? Then, write “sudo scutil – – set Computer name “My MacBook Pro 13” command in Terminal. If you don’t use the quotation marks, Terminal will only use the first word written as the Mac name.

How to Change the Mac’s Home Folder Name?

Mac device users must change the home folder name after resetting the username. Don’t know how to set that? Open the Finder menu, select “Go”, navigate to the text entry field.

Write “/Users”, click “Go” and right-click on the user folder that you want to rename. Choose “rename” when the drop-down pops up and write the new name. Close the home folder window, restart the device, press the “Command, “Shift”, and “H” keys together. A new window will open where you can check the new home folder name.

How to Change Mac’s Local Hostname?

Mac device’s hostname automatically changes after changing the username. If you set the Mac name to “My laptop”, the hostname will be renamed “my-laptop.local”. But, if the hostname remains the same, change it from the “System Preferences”. Otherwise, the Mac devices might fail to detect Bonjour-compatible devices.

Open the Apple menu, choose “System Preferences”, tap on “Sharing”. Did you see the lock option on the “System Preferences’ window? Click the “Unlock the preference pane” option and select “Edit” when the next window opens. Write a new local hostname and choose “OK” to save that on the Mac.

How Many Times You Can Change the Mac Name?

Mac device users can change the laptop name multiple times. But, the Mac name might be changed automatically if a conflict occurs in sharing services. Don’t use AirDrop or Bluetooth connections simultaneously on Mac. Contact Macbook Repair India if you are facing issues resetting the username.

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