How to Change Admin Name in MacBook? A Detailed Guide

How to Change Admin Name in MacBook

How to Change Admin Name in MacBook? A Detailed Guide

The first step after you become a proud owner of a MacBook is to set it up. Customisation of your newly-brought MacBook is a very important and unskippable step. Turn your MacBook on, and the installed macOS will guide you to personalise your MacBook. Additionally, you must create a user or admin account on your MacBook to get started.

How to change Admin name in MacBook if you wish to modify it later? Whatever the reason behind your wish, the best thing is that you can change the admin or administrator’s name on your MacBook at any time. Let’s check out what an admin name means on a MacBook and how you can change it, shall we?

What do You Mean by the Admin Name on a MacBook?

You can notice that a login screen appears on your MacBook whenever you power it. The login screen also shows a user or administrator name, the assigned picture, and a password field to log into that particular account. 

The admin name or its full name is the user name that you have assigned to your Mac while setting it up. On the other hand, the account name refers to your Mac’s Admin name that indicates files and folders corresponding to the prime administrator of the MacBook.

So, how to change Admin name in MacBooks? You can easily change your usernames on your MacBook and prevent different accounts from receiving potential damage. Let’s check out how you can modify the Admin name of your MacBook.

How to Change Admin Name in MacBook?

If you have inherited a Mac from someone, then changing the Admin name is a big time necessary. On the other hand, you can add a fun touch to your Mac Admin or nickname to your account. Here’s how to change Admin name in MacBook with earlier versions of macOS Ventura:

  • Click on the Apple menu. Then, proceed with System Preferences. Or, just choose System Preferences from your MacBook’s Dock.
  • Next, open Users & Groups and click on the padlock icon from the bottom-left corner of your MacBook screen. Provide the necessary admin name and password that you utilise while logging in. Click the Unlock button.
  • Hold the Control key and click on the Admin name from the left panel. Click on the Advanced Options menu.
  • Afterwards, click the Choose button next to the Home Directory field. Choose your MacBook under the Locations menu, then.
  • Double-click on your Mac hard drive and choose Users.
  • Now, right-click the user’s Home Folder and choose the Rename option. Ensure that you don’t use spaces anywhere in the new name. To save the change, click anywhere on the screen.
  • A prompt will pop up and ask you to enter the associated password. Provide the password to carry on with the required changes. After that, click on the Open option.
  • Go back and select the field called Account Name. You must enter the same name you used to rename the folder without any spaces.

What Else?

In addition to the Account Name, you can modify the Full Name too. You can assign anything as the Full Name. However, you must keep the Home Folder and Account Name the same for your MacBook’s functionality. Click the OK button and the padlock icon to confirm all your changes by now.

As the last step, restart your MacBook, and you can notice that the Admin name has been changed. How to change user on MacBook? Whatever you decide, just make sure that you keep your Admin and Home Folder names uncomplicated. Otherwise, accessing the account might get difficult for you.

How to Change Admin Name in MacBook with macOS Ventura?

macOS Ventura is the latest addition to the MacBook operating system lineup. If your Mac has updated itself to macOS Ventura or you have bought a new MacBook, then you have to stick to this guide. Check out how to change Admin name in MacBook with macOS 13 or Ventura:

  • Click on the Apple icon and choose System Settings.
  • After that, select Users & Groups from the sidebar.
  • Long-press the Control key and click the account name you want to rename. Now, click Advanced Options from that popped-up menu.
  • You should enter the username and related password per your chosen account.
  • Next, make changes in the field called User name. Make sure that you don’t modify the User field. The User field should match your Mac’s home folder name.
  • As an optional step, you can update the Full Name field. It doesn’t have to be necessarily the same as the user name. Moreover, you can include spaces under the Full Name field. 
  • Afterwards, scroll down until you can notice the field named Home Directory. You can update the user name in the respective field. However, you should not remove /Users/. Enter the name after /Users/.
  • Click the OK button and restart your MacBook.

Your MacBook should display the user account with the renamed changes. Provide the username and password correctly to log into your Mac computer. So, that’s how to change username on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and other Mac computers with Ventura.

Can you Make an existing Account an Administrator on Your MacBook?

If you have creed another account on your MacBook and want to make it an administrator one, it’s possible. This handy process doesn’t force you to create a new account to include administrator properties. Here’s what you have to follow to turn a simple account into an admin one:

  • Navigate to the Users & Groups according to your Mac operating system.
  • Next, click on the padlock icon from the bottom left corner of the window. Authenticate yourself by providing the right username and password duo.
  • Choose the account from the list on the sidebar.
  • Now, check the box next to the option, ‘Allow the user to administer this computer’.

Your computer will prompt you to restart the system. Do that, and you will notice the rightful changes.

Why Can’t I Change My Mac Account Name?

Numerous users have reported that Mac change account name greyed out. If you suffer from the same situation, then here’s a trick. You can’t change the Admin name while logging into the same Admin account you want to rename. 

Try to log into a different account other than the Admin account whose name you want to change. If you don’t have another account to learn how to change Admin name in MacBook then you must create a new account. Go through the following guidelines to create a new account on your MacBook:

  • Start by navigating to System Preferences or System Settings, depending on your macOS version. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences or System Settings.
  • Next, select Users & Groups from the window.
  • Click on the lock icon from the lower-left corner and input the required password.
  • Next, you should click on the Add or + sign.
  • Change the New Account option to Administrator.
  • Moreover, assign the new account a name and a password. 

Finally, you can click on the Create User option. Now, you can log into this account and make the necessary changes to the Admin name on your MacBook.

Additional Tips for Changing the Admin Name on a MacBook

You have already seen how to change Admin name in MacBooks. However, there are a few hiccups that you should revise. The short name of the Admin account and the Home folder name should be the same. If you think to name your Home Folder or Admin name differently, you are out of luck.

Hence, you have to keep those names the same. On the other hand, you should back up your Mac account first. Renaming your MacBook’s Admin account is a relatively safer process. Still, you should stay safe by backing up the admin account. Therefore, you won’t lose any data even if anything goes wrong.

Steps to Rename the Home Folder on Your MacBook

If you want to change your Mac’s existing Home Folder name, start by logging out of the current account. Next, you have to follow the instructions below:

  • Sign into a different admin account. Ensure that you don’t log into the account for which you want to make changes.
  • Hover over the menu bar under Finder. Then, click on Go, followed by Go to Folder.
  • Type /Users and tap the Return key. It will open up the Users folder.
  • Now, select the folder that you want to rename. Press the Return key and type the new name.

Remember not to include any spaces in the Home Folder name. Now, you can enter the username and password when your MacBook prompts.

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