How Do I Clean My MacBook Pro Keyboard?

How Do I Clean My MacBook Pro Keyboard

How Do I Clean My MacBook Pro Keyboard?

Regardless of the brand or model, you might face various issues with your laptop’s keyboard. And, keeping the keyboard clean is one of the most effective ways to fix most of those problems. So, you must regularly clean your MacBook Pro’s keyboard. Follow the steps given below if you are wondering how to do that.

Cleaning your laptop keyboard is a more complicated task than you might think. And, that is why a lot of people have the question, “How do I clean my MacBook Pro keyboard?”. The information given below should answer that question for you.

Steps to Clean Your MacBook Pro Keyboard

You should turn off your MacBook Pro to proceed with keyboard cleaning. Also, unplug it if you have connected it to a power source.

Do you prefer to keep your MacBook Pro powered on? Then, you must make sure that pressing the keys does not make any changes you do not want.

Proceed with the following steps to complete MacBook Pro keyboard cleanup once you are prepared for it:

Remove the Dust and Debris from the Laptop

There might be quite a lot of dirt and dust on your MacBook Pro’s surface. You must shake them off first before you start cleaning the keyboard. Hold the device over a dustbin and get rid of all the dirt and debris.

Tap all the keys repeatedly to displace the dirt accumulated under them. Then, shake them off from the laptop before proceeding to the next step.

Spray Compressed Air on the Keyboard

Are you using a recent MacBook Pro model that was launched after 2016? If yes, then you can spray a can of compressed air into the keyboard. Also, make sure that the dirt and debris do not enter deeper into the keyboard. The best way to do that is by holding the laptop at an angle while spraying the compressed air.

You must make sure not to position the can too close to the keys. This will prevent any damage to the keys from being sprayed on from a very close distance. Rotate the laptop while maintaining the angle and spray air on the keyboard from various directions.

Are you using a MacBook Pro model launched before 2016? Then, it would be difficult to avoid the dirt and debris from getting deeper into the keyboard. So, you might not want to proceed with this step on those MacBook Pro models. If required, you must get a professional laptop maintenance service.

Dust off the Keyboard Surface

Dirt and debris do not lie only under the keyboard’s surface. And, you would want a perfectly clean keyboard surface. So, you must give proper attention to the surface as well.

But, you need to use the appropriate materials to dust off your keyboard’s surface. A lint-free cloth is one of the best choices for that, but not the only one. You can also simply use a soft piece of cloth for this task.

Wipe off all the dirt from your keyboard surface gently. Make sure not to put too much pressure on the keys. To achieve a squeaky clean MacBook Pro keyboard surface, take the time you need.

Disinfect Your Keyboard

This step is not a necessary one for all laptop users. But, you must proceed with it if you want to deep-clean your keyboard. Most of the professional laptop repair and maintenance services would disinfect your keyboard.

However, you can do that all by yourself with a disinfectant wipe. You must make sure to use one that is not harmful to your keyboard.

You can also prepare a disinfecting solution and apply it with a soft cloth. But, you must be very careful not to damage the keyboard while doing that. Keep a cloth handy to wipe away any liquid spilt on the keyboard.

Wipe Your Keyboard with a Damp Cloth

You can use a damp cloth to wipe off any disinfecting solution on the keyboard’s surface. But, make sure to squeeze away as much water as possible from the cloth. Otherwise, you might risk causing liquid damage to your MacBook Pro. Let the keyboard dry once you are done, and then test the keys.

Cleaning the keys properly can help you fix many keyboard-related problems. If it does not, you can approach a repair service to fix the issue or replace the keys.

Important Precautions to Follow While Cleaning MacBook Pro Keyboard

You might end up damaging your laptop keyboard under various circumstances while cleaning it. So, you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid that from happening.

Here are the important tips to keep in mind while cleaning your MacBook Pro’s keyboard:

  • Paper towels and rough wipers can cause damage to your laptop’s keys. So, do not use them for drying the keys after disinfection.
  • Using excessive force while cleaning can damage the keys. So, you must avoid doing that to prevent any issues with the keyboard.
  • Many people might consider using a hair-dryer to dry up the keyboard. But, you must know that it can damage the keys. So, it is better to use a soft cloth for drying your MacBook Pro’s keyboard.
  • Many disinfectant sprays and cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide, which is harmful to the keyboard. So, avoid using them and go for those that do not contain hydrogen peroxide.
  • Leaving the liquid on the keyboard to dry is not a good idea. You must wipe it off right away after disinfecting the keys.

Do you want to use alcohol to clean the keys? Then, use isopropyl alcohol as it is suitable only for this purpose.

Get a Professional MacBook Pro Keyboard Cleaning

Do you want a quick laptop keyboard cleaning but do not have the time for it? Then, you can simply assign the task to a professional service. Reach out to MacBook Repair India for an efficient MacBook Pro keyboard cleanup.

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