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How to Fix Scratches on MacBook: A DIY Guide

How to Fix Scratches on MacBook: A DIY Guide

Fix Scratches on MacBook

How to Fix Scratches on MacBook: A DIY Guide

MacBooks are expensive machines, no controversy. And, you want your MacBook to look as bright and appealing as new. However, that’s barely possible as you must involve your MacBook in daily tasks. Consequently, your MacBook receives scratches on its screen and overall aluminium chassis.

How to fix scratches on MacBooks on your own? If you are thinking about whether it’s possible to get rid of scratches on your MacBook, then this guide is for you. 

Well, there’s no dedicated MacBook scratch remover solution is available in the market. Still, you can use the following methods and the suggested products to achieve your expectations.

Let’s see how to eradicate scratches from a MacBook screen or body.

How to Fix Scratches on MacBook Screen?

To be honest, the following techniques will help you minimise minor scratches on your MacBook screen. You can’t expect them to vanish those deep scratches from your Mac screen. Additionally, you can try how to fix scratches on MacBooks if your Mac screen is protected with the anti-glare coating.

Here are some tried and tested tricks that can eliminate minor scratches from the MacBook screen to some extent:

Clean the MacBook Screen with Listerine

Using abrasive cleaners on your MacBook screen is not a smart move. Hence, you should choose a screen cleaner that contains no abrasive chemicals. Apart from Listerine, you will require a soft microfibre cloth to learn how to fix scratches on MacBook screen. 

Start by pouring a small amount of Listerine on the microfibre cloth. Then, gently rub the cloth on the Mac screen’s affected portion. Ensure you don’t put much pressure while rubbing the cloth on your MacBook screen. In addition, focus on those parts that have scratches or similar damage.

On the other hand, pay attention while cleaning and rubbing your MacBook screen with Listerine. The solution might seep into the openings at the screen edges, and this might damage the screen internally. Therefore, take a small amount of Listerine every time on the microfibre cloth and slowly rub the screen.

The entire process can take longer than anticipated. So, keep patience and repeat the procedure to check for any improvement.

Try Toothpaste and Microfibre Cloth

How to fix scratches on MacBook screens if the previous method doesn’t offer the expected results? You can try this highly-acclaimed hack that became an internet sensation overnight for MacBook owners dealing with scratches. A small amount of toothpaste might cover those minor scratches on your MacBook screen.

Let’s check out what exactly you have to do:

  • Apply a very small amount of mild toothpaste over your MacBook screen.
  • Next, use a microfibre cloth to spread the toothpaste over the notebook screen.
  • Well, you are not done, and you need to gently rub the screen with the microfibre cloth.

Make sure that you must not apply too much pressure. Otherwise, it can be abrasive and damage your MacBook screen. On top of that, avoid using whitening toothpaste on your MacBook. Moreover, the abrasiveness of the toothpaste should not exceed 60%.

Use Baking Soda Solution

Yes, you read it right! This kitchen supply can remove stains and clean your MacBook screen. After all, dirt and dust particles contribute significantly to scratch buildup on your MacBook screen. How to remove scratches on MacBook Pro screen with baking soda? Well, here’s how:

  • First, prepare a solution of baking soda with plain water. Just add baking soda to the same amount of water. Basically, the ratio should be 1:1.
  • Now, you can use this solution on your MacBook screen or the affected part.
  • Apply the paste on scratches and use a clean and soft microfibre cloth to rub the paste.

Remember, use only circular motion while rubbing the baking soda paste on your MacBook screen. However, the trick is not to leave any residue from the baking soda paste. Therefore, you must keep another clean and dry microfibre cloth handy. 

Clean your MacBook screen gently with that dry microfibre cloth. Furthermore, your MacBook screen should not have any residue from the baking soda solution.

Contact Apple Care

How to fix scratches on MacBook screens when the scratches are quite deep? You can get in touch with Apple Support and report your issue. Apple might consider a screen replacement for you if the scratches are easily visible and they trigger more damage to the entire screen.

However, this is a better, more cost-effective solution when your MacBook is still under warranty. Otherwise, replacing the MacBook screen directly from Apple Care or similar stores will cost you a fortune.

How to Fix Scratches on MacBook Body?

Most MacBooks come with sturdy and impressive chassis. Still, occasional scratches are inevitable, and you can try a few hacks that might reduce the scratches’ visibility. However, we can’t guarantee that these stains or scratches will completely disappear from your MacBook’s frame and body.

Clean the Affected Area

If you are lucky, the scratch on your MacBook’s body can be superficial. So, cleaning that area might do the trick and lighten the scratch. How can you remove scratches from MacBook Pro body?

Well, dampen a lint-free, soft, clean cloth with plain water. Now, clean the affected area with this cloth. Check if it improves the condition. In case it doesn’t work, you can try the following solutions.

Try Dedicated Cleaners to Repair Scratches

This might sound unbelievable, but there is a specialised scratch repair product for the aluminium chassis of MacBook. This is known as MacBook Scratch Remover and is sold by The Safe Apple. You can purchase it if the reviews appear impressive and effective for your MacBook model.

Apart from this, you can try gentle car scratch remover products. Reportedly, Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0 is an excellent scratch repair agent. However, it depends on the extent of the scratch and the product’s availability. Overall, this product has worked well on the aluminium chassis of MacBook Pro models.

Remember that such scratch removers work on minor scratches on your MacBook Pro models. It will be useless if you think about applying them on black scuffs. Additionally, apply these scratch removers using circular motions and a microfibre cloth. And, they might require multiple coats to improve the look.

Use Stickers on Your MacBook

How to fix scratches on your MacBook body? If your MacBook chassis has received deep scuffs and scratches, removing them is impossible. Instead, you can try to hide them with trendy and suitable stickers and skins.

This smart trick will save your MacBook body from severe damage from existing stains and scuffs. Additionally, it will give your MacBook a cute and impressive look. You will find MacBook-compatible stickers online. 

Therefore, you can purchase and stick them to your MacBook chassis and make those scratches invisible. Don’t forget to check if those stickers leave a residue or not. That kind of sticky residue can be harmful to your MacBook’s aluminium chassis.

Report Your Problem to Apple Care

If your MacBook body has deep scars and scuffs, then you can contact Apple Care. Since such chassis issues can’t be repaired or scratches can’t vanish, Apple Care will propose you replace the overall body.

Now, it’s up to you whether you prefer a hefty body replacement from Apple Care. However, you can get it for free if your MacBook’s warranty hasn’t expired and your situation qualifies for a free replacement.

3 Ways to Protect Your MacBook Against Scratches

How to fix scratches on MacBooks? You might not deal with this if you use preventive measures to secure your MacBook. So, check out how you can maximise your MacBook’s protection against scratches:

1. Cover your MacBook Display with a Screen Protector

MacBook’s Retina displays are fabulous but not immune to scratches. Hence, you can apply a compatible screen protector on your MacBook display. This will save the screen from avoiding friction from the keyboard and dust particles. On the other hand, you have to replace the screen protector only if it gets too many scratches.

2. Carry Your MacBook inside a Dedicated Sleeve

Find well-cushioned sleeves for your MacBook. And, carry your MacBook in them. Even if you use unique bags or compartments to carry a MacBook, use a sleeve for your Mac device. 

3. Try Keyboard and Body Cases

The keyboard and body chassis of your MacBook are susceptible to damage. If you are a beginner, putting your MacBook inside chassis protectors is better. Since you are not accustomed to the sleek body and smooth finish of your brand-new MacBook. 

Additionally, protect your Mac keyboard with a specialised cover, which will save your MacBook from getting spilt. However, consider opening and closing your MacBook while using such covers. Otherwise, they might damage your MacBook hinges.

Summing up…

Besides this, consider cleaning your MacBook screen and body with a clean microfibre cloth. Do this often so your MacBook won’t get a buildup of dirt and dust. Moreover, ensure that your MacBook gets sufficient chances of ventilation. You can make your workspace safer to avoid damage and scratch on your MacBook.

This guide helps you with how to fix scratches on MacBooks. If the problem continues, contact Macbook Repair India for affordable and quality solutions.

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