iPhone X Getting Hot: How to Deal With Frequent Overheating?

iPhone X Getting Hot

iPhone X Getting Hot: How to Deal With Frequent Overheating?

Overheating can cause various performance issues on your smartphone. Moreover, it might also occur due to an issue with your device. In any case, you would want to fix frequent overheating effectively as soon as possible. You can take various steps to ensure that your phone does not heat up too often.

Does your iPhone X heat up frequently? Then, one of the steps given below should help you resolve the issue over the long term. So, try them out to fix your iPhone X getting hot. You can avoid the need for a professional repair by doing that.

8 Ways to Fix iPhone X Overheating Problems

You must apply the right solutions depending on the cause of the issue. Trying out various methods until you fix the overheating might help you find the appropriate solution.

Here are some methods that are quite effective in fixing iPhone X getting hot: 

Leave Your iPhone Idle Until it Cools Down

Have you been using your phone for long hours? If yes, then that could be the reason for the overheating. And, all you need to do is give your device some time to cool down. This method works for all overheated devices and should resolve the problem in your case.

You must also avoid using your phone for prolonged periods. Especially so when you are performing some heavy tasks on it. And, that should help you avoid further overheating on your iPhone X. If the problem persists, it probably has a cause other than prolonged use. 

Close Some Background Apps

Is your device running multiple background apps while it is overheated? Then, that might explain the iPhone X getting hot in your case. And, you can fix that in such cases by closing as many background apps as possible. Check the programs running in the background and close the ones you do not need. Wait for a minute after taking this step, and then check whether the overheating persists. If it does, then you can try out some more solutions for the problem. 

Keep Your Device away from Heat Sources

Your iPhone heating up may not always indicate that the device is generating heat inside it. Sometimes, it might also have something to do with external heat. And, you must take the necessary steps to prevent your phone from heating up in such cases.

Have you placed your device near another device generating heat? Then, that might explain your iPhone X getting hot.

Apart from that, you must also keep your phone in a place with proper airflow. And, that can help you significantly in avoiding overheating. Exposure to direct sunlight can also contribute to your device heating up. So, you must avoid placing your iPhone X under direct sunlight. 

Restart Your iPhone

Do you want an immediate solution to your iPhone X overheating problem? Then, you must simply try restarting your phone. It is quite an effective solution for many issues, including overheating. So, turn off your iPhone for a minute or simply perform a restart.

Check for the iPhone X getting hot after you have restarted the device. You must also try removing the phone’s case if you use one. 

Remove or Exchange Your iPhone’s Case

Are you using a protective case for your iPhone X? Then, you must make sure whether it is not causing the overheating on your device. Removing the case is the only way to find that out. So, remove the case and let the device remain idle for a few minutes. Then, continue using your iPhone X and check whether it gets overheated easily.

Does your device remain cool for a longer period without the protective case? If yes, you have probably found the cause of your iPhone X getting hot. And, you must either stop using the case or replace it in such situations. If you choose the latter option, use a case that allows proper heat dissipation. 

Do Not Use a Non-Apple Charger

Have you been charging your iPhone X with a non-Apple charger? Then, that might often cause overheating problems if you did not know. Switching back to an Apple charger might resolve the problem effectively. So, you must buy an Apple charger if you do not have one available.

This step can fix the iPhone X getting hot in many cases if you use a non-Apple charger. You must make changes to your device’s settings if this step is not very effective. 

Disable Location Services and Background App Refresh

If the previous steps were ineffective, you must close the resource-demanding programs on your iPhone. And, that mainly includes the location services and background app refresh, among others. Open the Settings section and go to the Privacy section. Then, toggle off Location Services if it is enabled on your device.

Go back to the Settings home page and navigate to the General section once you are done. Then, click on the Background App Refresh option and turn this feature off. Wait for a minute and check whether these steps have resolved the overheating. 

Get System and App Updates

Older systems and app versions might use more resources on your device than usual. And, they might cause overheating as a result in many cases. You must update your apps and iOS system in such cases. Go to the app store and install all updates for your apps whenever ready.

Are you using an outdated iOS version? Then, go to the Settings menu and navigate to the update section. Find and install the latest update there before checking on the problem.

Ask for help from an iPhone Repair Center

Do you want an expert solution to your iPhone overheating issues? Then, try the aforementioned solutions before you proceed with that. Do all of them fail to do the trick? Then, you can approach a competent iPhone repair center for a reliable repair.

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