Easy Ways to Fix the SMC-Related Issues in MacBook Pro & Air

SMC-Related Issues in MacBook Pro & Air

Easy Ways to Fix the SMC-Related Issues in MacBook Pro & Air

System Management Controller allows Mac devices to run smoothly. An unwanted SMC-related issue can slow down the laptop’s performance. It might even prevent the Apple device from turning on. MacBook Pro and Air can generate charging issues when the SMC stops working.

Moreover, SMC plays an integral role in changing the video modes. An incorrect SMC setting can restrict you from switching to different video modes. Reset the MacBook Pro or Air’s SMC in such instances to fix the issue.

Can’t enable the laptop’s “Sleep and Wake” mode? It could occur due to the issues in the System Controller Management.

Mac laptops might automatically enable the “Hibernation” mode due to an SMC-related issue. Thus, try to fix it at the earliest possible to avoid these unwanted problems. Are the device’s LED indicators not working? Check the SMC configuration and reset it to eliminate the issue.

SMC allows macOS to identify the non-Apple hardware. If it can’t detect the external peripherals, follow this guide to fix SMC related Issues in MacBook Pro & Air:

What Causes the SMC-related Issues on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Mac users can experience SMC issues if internal components like fans stop working. Therefore, you should check these units in the first place. Don’t get any fan noise when the MacBook Pro is on? Is the Apple laptop generating excess heat? Repair or replace the cooling fan immediately to avoid SMC problems.

Ensure the MacBook Pro or Air doesn’t have a dead or drained battery. If the laptop is taking ample time to charge, change the Mac battery. Otherwise, you may get SMC-related issues while powering up the Apple device. Moreover, SMC plays a major role in connecting the external mouse or keyboard to USB ports. If it stops working, you will face connectivity issues on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix the SMC-Related issue in MacBook Pro & Air

Apple allows you to reset the SMC when an error occurs on the laptops. It will resolve the power, battery and fan-related issues easily. Moreover, you can reset the SMC of the MacBooks with T2 and without the T2 chip.

Follow these steps to solve the SMC error and improve the device performance:

How to Reset the MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs with T2 Chip?

The MacBook Pro (2019) and MacBook Air (2020) models have a T2 chip. It allows Mac users to reset the SMC in minutes. However, you must first turn off the Apple laptop by pressing the power button. Wait for a few seconds and press the Power key again.

Release the power button after 10 seconds and check if the device displays an Apple logo.

Look for the Control, Option and Shift keys when the laptop reboots. Press these keys simultaneously for at least 7 seconds.

Hold the Power button while holding these three Mac keys. If the Mac is on, it will turn off and show you a blank screen. Keep holding the four keys for 7 more seconds and release them afterwards. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes, and then press the power key to turn on the Mac laptop. You won’t further get any SMC-related error messages after the reset.

How to Reset the MacBook Air and MacBook Air without T2 Chips?

The latest Mac laptops don’t have a T2 security chip. However, you can still reset the SMC of these next-generation Apple devices. Access the Apple menu and select “Shut Down” when the pop-up window appears. Wait until the Mac laptop’s display turns black and hold the “Shift, Control” and “Option” keys together.

You need to press the “Power” key while holding these three keys. Keep holding the four keys for another 10 seconds and release them simultaneously. Press the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air’s Power button to turn on the device. Connect the laptop to the adapter and check if it is causing any charging issue. If the SMC-related error persists, update the firmware immediately.

How to Update the MacBook Pro’s SMC Firmware?

Outdated firmware could generate SMC-related issues on the Mac laptop. Thus, try to install the latest SMC firmware on the device to fix the issue. Install a compatible SMC updating application for the MacBook. Go to the Finder menu and search for “Applicants”.

Tap on “Utilities” and look for the program from the list. Connect the MacBook Pro to the adapter and ensure the power outlet is functional. Close all the macOS applications that are running in the background. Open the app and click “Restart” when the pop-up window appears on the Mac screen.

The MacBook Pro’s SMC firmware will start updating. A status bar will appear to show the progress of the update. Don’t disconnect the charger until the laptop completes the SMC firmware update. The Mac laptop might overheat during this process. However, the device will cool down once it installs the current SMC firmware.

Turn off the MacBook Pro after a few seconds and click “OK” when prompted. Try to enable the “Sleep Mode” and check if the Mac causes any SMC-related issues. If the error persists, then you might have installed an out-of-date SMC firmware. Find the SMC version 1.7f10 for the MacBook Pro to avoid further issues.

How to Update the MacBook Air’s SMC Firmware Update?

Open the Safari browser and access Apple’s website. Head towards the “Firmware” section and tap on “SMC” from the list. Opt for the SMC Firmware update v2.0 version from the list. Click “Download” and ensure there is more than 80% charge on the device.

Open the SMC firmware file, and select “Run” to install it on the MacBook Air. Wait for a few seconds and press the “Power” button to shut down the laptop. Hold the Power button to restart the MacBook Air and check if the SMC-related issue persists.

Fix the SMC-Related Issues in MacBook Pro & Air with Expert Help

The SMC issues can trigger due to the damaged hardware components. Repair them to use the laptop without further inconvenience. Moreover, rebooting the Mac laptops can resolve the SMC-related issues. However, if that doesn’t work, contact the MacBook Repair India experts for instant recovery. They have experience in repairing every model of MacBook for years.

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