Apple’s M2-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in Apple Store for Preorders

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Apple’s M2-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in Apple Store for Preorders

Apple unveils the new MacBook Air with the M2 system-on-chip during the WWDC event. This won’t be the first laptop with this new advanced processor. The company will integrate the M2 chip on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro. The developers also announced that this product would be available for preorder from June 17, 2022.

Moreover, the new MacBook Pro can be purchased from the Apple Store from June 24 onwards. This Mac laptop is designed for creative professionals. Gamers and school or college students can also buy this device.

Do you need an Apple laptop with a Touch Bar? Then, choose this M2-powered MacBook Pro over the Air models.

Apple also revealed some of its features during the June event. It will run faster than the M1-powered MacBook Pro and Air. This new MacBook Pro will offer more battery life than the previous model. You can use the power-intensive apps without overheating issues. The M2-powered MacBook Pro is also extremely portable.

Want to know more about the new MacBook Pro 2022? Follow this guide before you decide to pre-order this Apple product:

When will Apple Release the M2-Powered MacBook Pro?

Apple disclosed the new MacBook Pro on June 6. Besides, they claimed that users could preorder the product from Apple’s store. However, when you open the Apple site, it shows “Select” instead of the “Buy” option. The delivery of this Apple product is not currently available in many states.

Besides, Apple is showing an error message when clicking on “Add to Bag”. If you can’t order this product, wait till July 2022. Apple is going to release the M2-equipped MacBook Pro next month. However, the developers didn’t share the release date of this laptop. You can expect it to be launched in the first week or the second week of July.

How to Preorder the M2-Powered 13-inch MacBook Pro?

Have you pre-booked any Apple products before? Then you might not know the process. It is pretty easy to preorder the new MacBook Pro. You must open the Apple Store or website to get the latest laptop with an M2 chip. However, certain factors must be checked before adding the product to the cart.

Ensure to sign in to the Apple store with the correct ID. Check whether there is a stable Wi-Fi connection. Switch to cellular data if you want to preorder the laptop from an iPhone. Verify the account details before tapping on the “Buy” option. Make sure there is a sufficient balance on the debit or credit card. Otherwise, the Apple Store won’t allow you to buy the MacBook Pro.

Follow these instructions to preorder the M2-powered MacBook Pro now:

Create or Verify the Apple Store account

Only a few M2-powered MacBook Pros are available for pre-order. If you want one, create an account at the Apple store. Open the iTunes app from “System References” and tap on “Account”. Enter a valid Apple ID and provide the password when prompted. Now, it’s time to check the Apple Store account.

Open the Safari browser, write “Apple Store”, and press the Enter button. Enter the Apple ID that you add when creating the account. You can also sign in to the Apple Store using the Touch or Face ID feature. Head towards “Delivery address” when the new web page opens.

Check whether you have entered the home or office address correct. Additionally, you need to go to “Payment Method” and include the credit/debit card in the list. Go to the search bar, write MacBook Pro 2022 and hit the Enter button. Choose the correct product from the list and tap on “Add to Bag”. Did you get the “Buy” option? Tap on it to complete the MacBook Pro pre-order.

Save the Model Number in the Apple Store app

Do you have the Apple Store app on the iPhone or iPad? Then, you can also buy the MacBook from these iOS devices. Open the Apple Store app and head to the search box to write “MacBook Pro 2022”. Go through the options and select the correct model from the list.

Tap on “Add to Saved Items” when the next page appears on the iPhone screen. Close the app and access it after a few seconds and click “Buy” to get the laptop. However, you need to preorder the MacBook Pro before July. Because Apple stores go offline when the product gets launched on the market. So, get early access to this product from the Apple Store app.

What are the Expected Features of M2-Equipped MacBook Pro?

Apple has replaced the M1 chip with the advanced M2 chip in the new MacBook Pro. The design of this Mac laptop is the same as its predecessor. There is also a Touch Bar in this device like the previous one. However, it doesn’t have a MagSafe charger or a notch.

MacBook Pro 2022 can run multiple apps simultaneously without glitches. The M2-powered MacBook Pro has a 13.3-inch Retina display. And, you won’t be disappointed by the picture quality when watching movies online. This Mac laptop’s screen offers 474.6 nits of brightness and 490 nits of HDR brightness.

Moreover, its 13-inch display produces 109.4% of the sRGB colour gamut. Users can adjust the screen brightness of the MacBook Pro 2022. This laptop has thick bezels around the screen and two Thunderbolt ports. Besides, there are two USB 4 ports in this Apple laptop. Apple also included a headphone jack in the M2-powered MacBook Pro.

What are the Other Features of M2-Equipped MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro 2022 model features an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. Additionally, you get 256 GB of solid-state storage and 8GB of RAM in this laptop. Users can upgrade the SSD up to 2TB and the RAM to 24 GB in the future. It has a 67W USB-C power adapter which offers super-fast charging.

MacBook Pro can last up to 18 hours on a single charge. It has the latest macOS 13 Ventura and supports the iOS and iPadOS apps. Contact MacBook Repair India if you can’t use these apps on the laptop. Their experts will check the device’s compatibility and fix the issue without downtime.

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