Apple MacBook Air — Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know Before Buying

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air — Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know Before Buying

MacBook Air is the first-ever Apple laptop that has an advanced M1 system-on-chip. It can run faster than the latest Intel-powered PCs. This latest MacBook Air model can handle intensive workloads easily. You can install and access the iOS apps on this device. Moreover, its sleek and sturdy design received massive appreciation from users.

Many faced system crash issues in the previous MacBook Air model. However, you can work on this new Mac laptop without technical glitches. It is ideal for creative professionals and college students. MacBook Air (2020) is a lightweight laptop that can be carried anywhere. Besides, this Apple product is easy to use and is available at a reasonable price.

Though MacBook Air M1’s design is similar to its predecessor, Apple has significantly upgraded this next-generation Mac laptop. The new MacBook Air model will get a better typing and media streaming experience. The speakers on the laptop won’t crackle while playing battlefield games.

Are you planning to buy the MacBook Air (2020)? Check out its pros and cons before making the ultimate decision:

Pros of Apple’s M1-Powered MacBook Air

Apple offers high-end laptops to users, and MacBook Air is no exception. It has exclusive features like an IPS display and a compact-sized keyboard. Moreover, the developers included effective security and privacy features in this laptop. You can now protect sensitive data from hackers using Mac’s “FileVault”. Besides, the M1 processor can secure the Apple laptop from virus or malware attacks.

Here are a few more advantages of using the Apple MacBook Air:

Retina Display

The new M1-powered MacBook Air has a dust and water-resistant screen. Its 13-inch display is ideal for editing documents and music files. Moreover, this Apple laptop features True Tone technology to adjust the screen brightness. You can perform the necessary work on this device even in low-light conditions.

Apple MacBook Air’s display now supports the P3 wide colour gamut. This indicates that users will get more accurate and bright images on the laptop. It is the first laptop in the MacBook Air lineup that comes with this advanced screen technology. If you are a video editor or photographer, the P3 colour gamut will benefit you.

Moreover, the MacBook Air M1 produces 114.3% of the sRGB spectrum. Whereas, the MacBook Pro’s screen offers 110% of sRGB to the users. The higher the sRGB rate, the better results the device’s display will provide. Thus, you should choose MacBook Air (2020) over the other available Apple laptops.

MacBook Air’s 13-inch display offers a 60Hz refresh rate which is good for gaming. You can play multiplayer games without any FPS drop issues. For RPG games like Minecraft or Cyberpunk, 60Hz is more than enough. Besides, this refresh rate is ideal for watching the 4K videos without glitches.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The new MacBook Air can last for 14 hours on a single charge. Its M1 chip extends the laptop’s battery life and boosts its performance. The MacBook Air (2019) model offers only 9 hours of battery life. Moreover, many faced battery drainage issues in the previous MacBook Air models. Apple has resolved these battery problems from this advanced laptop.

You can now watch movies or play games without charging the laptop frequently. Besides, the M1-powered MacBook Air features MagSafe charging. It takes less than two hours to fully charge. Connect the advanced power adapter to the Thunderbolt port for super-fasting charging. Users can also power up this laptop with any Apple-certified chargers.

Offers More Storage Space

Apple integrated an internal solid-state drive in the MacBook Air. Users can boot the laptop and transfer the files 3x faster in this M1-powered device. An HDD is susceptible to damage and causes frequent BSOD errors. However, you don’t have to worry about these issues when using this Apple laptop. Its solid-state storage can withstand these laptop errors with ease.

SSDs are also more durable than other hard disk drives. Thus, you can use the MacBook Air without replacing the hard drives in the long run. You can store large files on the device without installing additional hard drives. Moreover, the new MacBook Air also features 128GB of RAM. So, what are you waiting for? Get this new MacBook Air now.

Touch ID Feature

The new MacBook Air has a built-in Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and this provides more security to the Apple laptop. A lock password is not enough to protect the laptop from DoS attacks. This is why Apple introduced the new security feature in the Apple laptop. You can now unlock the laptop by enabling this Touch ID feature.

Access the Apple menu, head towards “System Preferences” and tap on “Touch ID”. Opt for “Add Fingerprint” and enter the Mac password when prompted. Go through the on-screen instructions and wait until the next window pops up. Select when you want to use this feature and click “Apply” to activate Mac’s Touch ID feature.

Useful Apps

Apple included several productivity apps in the MacBook Air M1. Apps like Numbers, Pages, Keynote or Notes can improve work efficiency. Moreover, this Apple laptop features iMovie, an easy-to-use video editing app. GarageBand can be an essential tool for your music production.

Moreover, the developers added Calendar and Maps to this Mac laptop. You can also use FaceTime from the M1-powered MacBook Air. Other useful apps include Safari, Email and Reminders. Do you know what the best part about this MacBook Air is? It can also run the iPadOS apps.

Open the Mac App Store, enter the Apple ID and choose an account. Move towards “iPhone & iPad Apps” and select the app you want to install. Tap on “Get” and use that without compatibility issues. Contact the MacBook Air India experts if you face issues using the macOS or iOS apps.

What are the Other Benefits of using MacBook Air M1?

MacBook Air features an eight-core processor to deliver power pack performance. Moreover, Apple replaced the butterfly keyboard with a Magic keyboard in this laptop. It will increase your writing speed and accuracy and help you to avoid typing mistakes. You can also control the Apple laptop with Smart voice assistants like Siri.

Additionally, this new MacBook Air offers more connectivity options. Users get two Thunderbolt 3 ports and four USB ports in this Mac laptop. You can connect a 4K and 6K external display to the M1-powered MacBook Air. It is also available in different colours – gold, silver and space grey, and Apple might add new colour schemes for this laptop.

Cons of Apple’s M1-Powered MacBook Air

Despite these benefits, the new MacBook Air has certain limitations. Many experienced overheating issues in this Apple laptop, sometimes, its screen might freeze when using power-intensive apps.

MacBook Air’s battery might drain when streaming 4K contents. Here are a few more downsides of the MacBook Air (2020):

Limited Hardware Upgrade Options

MacBook Air users can’t upgrade the RAM as it’s connected to the logic board. Thus, if you need more storage in the future, look for an alternative laptop. Instead, we would suggest going with Apple’s MacBook Pro. You can upgrade its RAM and solid-state whenever you want. But, if 128GB of RAM is enough for you, then get a MacBook Air now.

Webcam is not Good

The previous MacBook Air version has a 720p webcam. The camera causes problems when using video calling apps, like FaceTime. Though, Apple claimed to improve the webcam functions in the new MacBook Air M1. However, users are still facing the same problems with the webcam. Thus, buy the 14-inch MacBook Pro to get a webcam with 1080p resolution.

No Face ID Feature and SD Card Slot

MacBook Air (2020) doesn’t have a facial recognition feature. Moreover, you won’t get a memory card slot in this Apple laptop. It might cause problems when transferring the mobile data in this advanced laptop. However, you can restore those files on a USB flash drive. After that, connect it to the Mac device to share the mobile files.

No Wi-Fi 6 Support

This is another drawback of the new MacBook Air model. You can’t connect the Wi-Fi 6 routers to this Apple laptop. However, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has Wi-Fi 6 support. Apple also included this feature in the laptops which were released after 2020. So, get a laptop that offers Wi-Fi 6 functionality to get high-speed internet access.

Should You Buy the New M1-Powered MacBook Air?

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the highest-selling Apple product of 2020. It offers standout features to worldwide users. This laptop also has an 8-core GPU configuration to improve the gaming experience. You can play Tomb Raider without slowing down the laptop’s performance.

Additionally, its stereo speakers provide excellent sound quality. However, this laptop might cause app crashes issues sometimes. Many noticed that the device is getting a little warm when using the Mail app. It could occur because of the absence of a cooling fan. And, due to overheating the laptop’s internal parts might be damaged. So, if you want to avoid these issues, contact MacBook Repair India experts.

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