16 Surprising Tips for New MacBook Users in 2022

Surprising Tips for New MacBook Users

16 Surprising Tips for New MacBook Users in 2022

The MacBook contains much more features than it might know at first glance. So, you have a lot more to learn apart from the basics for mastering your Mac. Only then can you get the best experience that your MacBook can offer you. Learning the various tricks is one of the first things you might want to do as a new MacBook user.

So, we will look at some surprising tips for new MacBook users here. They will help you with various things such as renaming files, recording the screen, and more.

Read to know the various ways you can master your Mac system.

16 Best Tips for New MacBook Users

There are various ways to proceed with almost every task on your MacBook. So, you need not necessarily proceed with the regular steps. Instead, you can try various shortcuts and tricks to get them done.

Here are the most effective ones you would surely love to try out on your new Macbook: 

Start Your Mac without a Sound

You have probably started liking the starting chime of your MacBook. But, you might want to start the device silently in some situations. Especially so, if you are sitting in a place where you need to maintain silence. If you are wondering, you can start the device silently if you prefer that.

How do you start your Mac silently? All you have to do is press the Mute key during the startup process. So, you need not change the settings for a silent startup. You might want to try this trick right now by restraining your device and pressing Mute. 

Recording Your MacBook’s Screen

Want to record the content of your screen? You can do that on your Macbook with a few simple steps. Mac systems come with a QuickTime feature that lets you perform this task. You can either find it on your shortcut bar or in the Applications section. Launch the QuickTime Player click on File. Then, opt for starting a new screen recording on your device.

Moreover, you need not necessarily record the entire screen. Do you want to leave some part of the screen out of the recording? Then, you can configure the settings in a suitable way for that. You can also capture audio using QuickTime Player apart from the video.

Enlarging Your Cursor

Many users might face trouble in finding the cursor on their MacBook screens. If you did not know, you can easily enlarge the cursor if you face the same issue. But, this option is only available in El Capital and later system versions. So, you might want to make sure that your system allows this function before you proceed.

Do you have the required system version? Then, run your finger back and forth repeatedly on your MacBook’s trackpad. Do the same with the mouse in case you are using one. The cursor will reach its maximum size if you keep running the finger or mouse back and forth.

Release the trackpad or mouse to make the cursor return to its original size. Then, repeat this method whenever required for finding the cursor. 

Changing the Volume Quietly

Using the volume button generates a sound to indicate the increase or decrease in the volume. And, you might want to avoid this sound on your MacBook for various reasons.

In such situations, you can silently change your MacBook’s volume. All you need to do is hold down Shift while changing the volume. Give this simple method a try right now and see if it works. Also, make sure to use it whenever the need arises. 

Inputting Accented Letters

You might often need to enter an accented letter while typing on your MacBook. You might not yet know how to enter letters with accents like a new user. But, you should know that this is quite an easy task on the latest Mac systems. Simply hold down a letter for a few seconds to clarify its accent options.

The latest Mac systems can offer you all the accent options for letters where applicable. You can pick any of them for use whenever required. This method can make typing accented letters in MacBooks easier than other devices. 

Searching for Meanings of Words Online

Do you want to look up the meaning of a specific word you see on your screen? Then, you might usually enter it in your browser to check its meaning. But, you need not necessarily do all that work on your MacBook. If you did not know, you can use a key combination to look up a selected word.

Highlight the word and press the Cmd, Ctrl, and D keys simultaneously to search it on the web. Apart from that, you can also simply click on it with three fingers using the trackpad. You would surely find these methods more convenient than copying the word in your browser. 

Creating Password-Protected Notes

You might often need to create some kind of notes that you want to keep private. But, creating them the regular way would allow other people to view the note once they access your device.

Want to create a note that only you can see? Then, the Keychain Access feature can help you do that in a few steps.

Go to the Applications window on your MacBook and open the Utilities section. Click on File and select New Secure Note Item. You can then create a password-protect note on your device. And, if another person accesses your MacBook, they can only see this note’s title. Make sure to remember the password or save it somewhere if needed. 

Using the Universal Clipboard

Do you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad? Then, you can use the Universal Clipboard to copy the contents of their clipboard to your MacBook. You can also copy your Macbook’s clipboard to that of your other Apple device. But, you need to use the same Apple ID on both devices to proceed with this task.

Sign in to your Apple ID and enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices. You would also need to keep them close to each other to proceed with the copying. Then, select an image, text, or video to copy it to another Apple device. Check the clipboard of the other device and make sure the selected files have reached it. 

Making Your MacBook Read Out Content

Do you want to reduce the screen time on your MacBook? Then, you can simply make the device read content to you instead of reading it yourself. You must set up the Text to Speech feature on your device before doing that. Open the System Preferences and go to the Speech section.

Go to the Text to Speech tab in the new window and configure its settings. You can choose between several voices as per your preferences. Highlight the content you want to be read out and right-click it. Then, opt for Speech and click on Start Speaking to hear the selected content. 

Using an iPad or iOS Device as the Camera

Your Macbook’s camera might not suit your requirements in all cases. And, you can simply use an iOS or iPadOS device as a camera in such cases. But, you must make sure that you have the appropriate system version on both devices for this task.

You need Mojave or later macOS versions on your MacBook to use this feature. Also, make sure to log in to the same Apple ID on both devices.

This feature is available only for taking photos for a document. Open the document and control-click anywhere on it. Then, opt for ‘import from ‘iPhone or iPad’ to use these devices like cameras or scanners. 

Renaming Multiple Files at One Go

Need to rename dozens of files on your MacBook? Then, you do not have to rename them separately as it might take too much time. Simply select all the files you have to rename and right-click on them. Then, click on “Rename x items” among the options pop up. The “x” here stands for the number of selected files.

You can rename as many files as you need to with this method. You can also simply replace specific parts of the files’ names based on your requirements. 

Switching between Multiple Tabs

You can easily use the taskbar to go to a different tab on your device. But, there is a shortcut for this task as well. And, the key combination depends on whether you want to switch tabs between different programmes or the same one.

Do you want to switch between two programmes on your MacBook? If yes, then press the Cmd and Tab keys simultaneously to do that.

But, what if you want to switch between multiple tabs of the same programme? You need to press Cmd and “~” simultaneously in such cases. Also, you should be able to use these shortcuts for any programs on your MacBook. 

Converting Units using Spotlight

You can use various online tools to convert amounts from one unit to another. But, your MacBook can make that task even easier than that for you. Spotlight is the built-in desktop search tool found in all Mac systems. It can help you convert any unit that you enter into it.

So, you might want to try this trick to convert various units. Suppose you want to convert kilograms to grams. Enter the amount in the search box suffixed by “kg”. You will then get many options regarding the units you want to convert this amount to. Select “gram” among them, and you will get an accurate result. You can also use this tool to convert currency amounts whenever required. 

Disconnecting from Wi-Fi Network while Keeping Wi-Fi Enabled

Do you want to connect to a different Wi-Fi network without relaunching the Wi-Fi? Then, you can easily do that on your Mac as you can on other devices. Hold down Alt on your keyboard and click on the Wi-Fi icon. You should see several Wi-Fi options and information on the screen. Click on the option to disconnect from the network and choose the other network.

Are you facing any issues with the wireless network? Then, you must click on Network Diagnostics instead of disconnecting from the network. 

Finding Files with Spotlight

As we have seen, the Spotlight tool can help you convert from one unit to another. But, that is not its main function after all. As a desktop search tool, it is made to help you find various files on your MacBook.

So, you must use it to search your files within a short time. You would surely find that much more convenient than browsing through your device.

All you need is the file’s name that you want to find. Enter it in the Spotlight app to reach the file right away. Provided that you have entered the name correctly, this program never fails to find a file. 

Running Windows on Your MacBook

Do you prefer using a Windows system for specific tasks? Then, you can simply install Windows on your MacBook. As opposed to what many people believe, you can use a Windows system on Mac devices. Also, you might want to do that if you have not mastered the Mac system yet.

Open the Applications window on your device and navigate to the Utilities. You should find the Boot Camp program there, which helps partition the hard drive. So, create a partition for Windows and install the system on your MacBook the usual way.

Get Regular Maintenance for Your MacBook

You might encounter various types of issues while using your MacBook. And, they might limit the functionalities of the device. So, reach out to a professional MacBook repair Service in India to provide it with a professional maintenance service.

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